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LEGO Motorized Lighthouse Review! It's PERFECT!

Take a detailed look at the new LEGO IDEAS Motorized Lighthouse… it’s perfect! The furnell lenses design honestly takes it over the top and makes it so authentic. The way the electrical components are integrated

LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse Official Reveal!

Take a look at the LEGO IDEAS Motorized Lighthouse 21335 in this official reveal video! Use these affiliate links to buy directly from LEGO and support the channel USA: CA: GB: Join

LEGO Star Wars Droid & Character Collection

Today we take a detailed look at all of the LEGO Star Wars Buildable Characters! This includes 9 sets ranging from R2-D2 to Yoda! These builds are awesome! They display so well and offer LEGO

We Finally Started Working on the Zoo!!

Today we finally start working on the LEGO city zoo! With its new placement we had to make some serious changes to the aquarium…. pretty much cut it in half but made it even better!

EPIC LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum Build & Overview

Today we build the LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum! I walk through the unboxing experience and review it floor by floor as we put it together! The build is incredible… it is a MARVEL modular building!!


Check out my LEGO car collection, which is valued at over $8000! In this video, I give a quick overview of my entire car collection and share my thoughts on each one. It’s crazy to

LEGO RETIRING IN 2022! My Top Picks

Check out all of the LEGO sets that are suspected to retire in 2022! When LEGO releases hundreds of new sets every year it is inevitable that some of the existing sets retire. This list

LEGO Black Falcon Knights' Castle Review | Alt Build

Check out this awesome Black Falcon Knights’ Castle! We recently purchased 3 of the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle sets (31120) to create this epic Rebrickable model alternate build, which was designed by Madewithbrix. This