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LEGO Collecting Essentials You NEED

LEGO is a hobby that requires a lot of space, storage and care to keep your sets and pieces safe, organised and looking great. Here are some of my favourite storage soultions, dusting tools and

An Unhinged History of LEGO Star Wars | Part 1

For 60% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code HOLLYONFILM60 at https://bit.ly/3k4mm6C LEGO Star Wars is one of the most expansive and interesting themes, and is also a large reason to why the company

Did LEGO Push Fans Too Far?

LEGO recently put out a survey asking people how much they would spend on large LEGO sets. With many fans pulling back and being more cautious of their spending, have LEGO pushed their fans too

New LEGO Sets I WONT Be Buying | LEGO Anti Haul

LEGO’s Spring/Autumn releases are jam packed full of amazing sets, though I won’t be buying a lot of it. Here is my anti haul of a lot of the upcoming releases! Merch Store – https://hollyonfilm.com/