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LEGO Disney 18+ Ariel’s Palace 2023 Set Leak

Today, thanks to Brick Clicker we have a new rumor about an 18+ Disney set for Ariel’s Palace! This set is expected to launch on May 1st, perfectly timed for the new movie! Ashnflash Shorts:


LEGO released a statement regarding the unreleased LEGO Indiana Jones 77014 Temple of Doom set… that answered none of our questions! We still don’t know if the set was delayed or cancelled. There’s also a

Will Cyrus Borg Be in a Summer 2023 Ninjago Set? #shorts

A recent LEGO City set and a Ninjago Rumor may suggest that Cyrus Borg is an upcoming minifigure… #lego #ninjago #legoninjago #cyrusborg Become a YouTube Member today! – Check out my Pokemon Channel! –

NEW $450 LEGO Batman Batcave 2023 Set Coming!!!

Today, we’re talking about a brand new rumor and leak for the Summer! A $450 Batcave releasing in June! This information is coming from Brick Clicker! Batcave:[email protected]/6818677426 Ashnflash Shorts: Ashnflash Xtra: My

LEGO Legend of Zelda Deku Tree Set Leak!

Today, we’re talking about a brand new leak / rumor for an upcoming LEGO Legend of Zelda set that potentially is happening! Who knows now with the leaks how Nintendo will feel… Ashnflash Shorts:

LEGO Marvel X-Mansion 2024 Set Leak

Today, we’re talking about a brand new rumor / leak talking about a X-Men set leak! The source for this seems to be legit, so we’re discussing this new X-Mansion set that is in the