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Perhaps the biggest LEGO shilling in history occurred over the weekend in an article on Brickset where the writer claimed that in 30 years the price of LEGO sets hasn’t really changed. Price Per Piece

The BEST LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is also the WORST!

BUY THE LEGO AT-TE NOW (Affiliate Link) – https://tidd.ly/3PUyeD0 2022’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar has some truly great Mini Builds including a Republic Gunship, Acclimator Cruiser, Hoth Wampa Cave, Luke’s Landspeeder, Darth Vader’s Sand

The END of LEGO Minifigures?

LEGO recently announced some BIG changes to their LEGO Collectible Minifigures line that’s going to all but stop me from collecting them in the future. I’ve decided to go through my collection and sell off

LEGO Star Wars 75332 4+ AT-ST Review! (2022)

Summer 2022’s most overpriced LEGO Star Wars set is the 4+ AT-ST Endor playset… $30 is a certified rip-off. The 3 Minifigures are great, especially Wicket & the Scout Trooper, but the set just doesn’t