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I made LEGO Star Wars Sets with an A.I.

I used A.I. to create new LEGO Star Wars sets & Minifigures! Baby Yoda (Grogu) looked like a knockoff, the AT-TE was more of a Stormtrooper mech, the Slave 1 wasn’t allowed, Blue Milk Luke

LEGO Star Wars 4479 TIE BOMBER Review! (2003)

LEGO Star Wars sets weren’t the prettiest in 2003 but the 4479 TIE BOMBER still nailed the play features for the time. It fit’s with other classic LEGO Star Wars sets but unless you’re a

$100 vs $500 LEGO Marvel HULKBUSTER Comparison!

In 2018 LEGO released a “UCS” Marvel Hulkbuster set and many hated it. In 2022 LEGO released a MASSIVE UCS Marvel Hulkbuster and EVERYBODY hated it. Which LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster set should you buy in