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LEGO Princess Peach Starter Course Review

It’s LEGO Peach Time! The newest LEGO Super Mario Starter Course features Princess Peach as the playable character but not gonna lie… She’s supper creepy when turned off… Check my LEGO Super Mario 71403 Aventures

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Review

One of the most anticipated LEGO Star Wars models is upon us, the LEGO Star Wars 75337 AT-TE. And we finally got the phase two commander Cody! Who’s excited?! That price though… Thank you LEGO

LEGO Star Wars BD-1 Review

Nobody ever heard about this Star Wars droid but somehow he got made into a LEGO set and it’s awesome! LEGO Star Wars 75335 BD-1 is a cool and affordable model, but come check for

LEGO Star Wars Ambush on Ferrix Review

Not a whole lot is known about the new Disney Plus Show Andor, but tied in together with it, LEGO is about to release LEGO Star Wars 75338 Ambush on Ferrix. Can you guess the

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet Review

The LEGO Ideas 21334 Jazz Quartet is the latest offer from the theme with many good things about it, specially the price per piece ratio AKA, a very good LEGO deal! Thank you LEGO for

LEGO Loop Roller Coaster Review

I wasn’t a fan of LEGO Fairground Sets until today… The LEGO 10303 Loop Coaster is a beast of a LEGO set on so many levels! Come and find out why in my early review.

LEGO Forest Hideout Review

If you don’t believe it, this LEGO set was made in 2022, but looks like it was made 40 years ago! LEGO 40567 Forest Hideout is a massive trip down memory lane and maybe the