A Frame Cabin LEGO Designers Interview

In this video I got an exclusive one on one interview with the LEGO Designers of the LEGO Ideas 21338 A Frame Cabin and asked them the burning questions everyone has…

Thank you to Jordan, Justin, Ollie, Kenza and Ashwin for taking the time, and also to the LEGO Ambassador Network for providing the opportunity.

Also, super sorry that I messed the recording and made it so that Jordan and Kenza are out of frame most of the time!

The the LEGO A Frame Cabin is available for purchase from February 1st to LEGO VIP members and February 4th for the general public:

LEGO SHOP 🇺🇸 ► https://bit.ly/3He1Msa
LEGO SHOP 🇬🇧 ► https://bit.ly/3R5dUQA
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LEGO SHOP 🇦🇺 ► https://bit.ly/3XYGXHB
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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Designers Introduction
01:56 – What is LEGO Ideas, and why did you chose the A Frame Cabin
03:46 – Why the significant changes
06:05 – 3 Model Designers?
07:40 – Biggest Challenges
09:54 – How involved was the Fan Designer
11:24 – Exclusive Prints
13:00 – Instruction Booklets Artwork
14:04 – Minifigures
16:03 – Side builds, luck or intentional?
17:34 – Easter eggs
19:09 – Towel or Toilet Pater?!
20:29 – Ashwin Introduction
21:57 – 4 minifigures, one bed. Explain
22:39 – Record Breaking LEGO set
23:10 – I NEED to know this
23:58 – Tips for aspiring LEGO Designers

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