Past & Current Lego Promo Calendars & Release Charts

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The Lego Group used to provide these Lego store calendar promos that they published each month to alert us of all the deals or gift with purchase you could get.

Some time ago they stopped making them, so we decided to pickup where they left off with the gift with purchases (GWP).  It is an unofficial promo calendar so we do our best to provide latest information as things can change with new Lego deals and VIP members promos.

Signup below by clicking the button 👇 and we will deliver the latest calendar that includes the gift with purchases (GWP), Double VIP Points, Lego news, & Lego sets to your email.  We may send a few helpful emails in between if that is ok. Unsubscribe anytime.

Lego Promo Calendars & Releases

2022/2023 Calendar Archives & Lego Release Archives