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My name is Jeremy Starke and I started this site to share my passion for collecting, building & reselling Lego.
I definitely have a passion for Lego.
My passion began when I was a young boy and loved playing with my Lego sets.  Like most kids as I grew up, I moved onto to other things and my Mom never saved my sets.  (Yikes!!!!)
Fast forward to when I settled into the family life, I reconnected again with Lego and it has been a part of my adult life as an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego).
My children now share in the building fun that comes with Lego.
At the time, I started selling many things on eBay back in 2000s and figured out pretty quickly that you can sell Lego for a profit once they retired. 
The entrepreneur in me quickly learned how to step up my reselling game as the years progressed and my Lego investment grew.

I’m the guy who buys and sells NEW & used LEGO bricks as a part time hustle.  I’ve learned how to scale my Lego inventory purchases & how to spot the right Lego deals.

And I want to teach you about how to invest in Lego & resell them for a good return on investment (ROI).

If you’re tired of the stock market, or don’t have the time to figure out which stocks are good and which are bad, you should give this a try.  But let me caution you, it it is a reselling & inventory business unlike buying & selling stocks.

You can make money without knowing anything about the stock market. It’s all about buying low.

Lego investing is not for everyone. You really need to know when the right time to buy and the right time to sell to be successful.

Learning how to invest in Lego & resell them for a profit isn’t in every investor’s wheelhouse. There are the buying and selling risks, and the legwork involved in finding a good deal.

But for those who don’t mind taking a bit of a risk, investing in Lego sets can be a lucrative side business or hustle.

We are at all different places in our Lego Investing.  You can start small and use the extra cash to buy more sets or you can go big and use the extra cash to pay a few extra bills. 

Our information is really just what we do, so please know that there is always risks and you need to perform your own due diligence.  This is not for those who are looking to get rich overnight or trade some Lego for a Ferrari ..well unless it is for the Technic Ferrrari Set 42125.