I Combined FIVE Ninjago: Crystalized Sets! | LEGO Ninjago Building

In this video, I challenged myself to combine 5 Ninjago Crystalized sets, to make a new vehicle for the Ninja! This challenge was definitely very difficult, let me know how it turned out!

Want to see more custom builds? Check out my custom Ninjago Crystalized Mechs for Fugi-dove, Ronin, Ultraviolet, and Killow here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_injmFxSj2E&t=346s

Giveaway details:
Most of the official Ninjago Crystalized vehicles are very big – let’s change that. Design your own custom “Golden Dragon” vehicle for a Ninjago: Crystalized Character that would fit in the $20 price range!
-You must be subscribed to the Bricks By Mind YouTube channel and follow @bricks.by.mind on Instagram
-Post your MOC on Instagram to the hashtag “MindsCrystalizedVehicleContest”. DM entries will NOT be accepted.
-Tag @bricks.by.mind in your entries too to make sure it will be seen.
-Contest will conclude ob Feburary 13th, 11:59 PM EST, and winners will be announced shortly after
-First place will recieve Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon, second place will recieve Kai’s Golden Dragon Raider, and third place will recieve Cole’s Dragon Cruiser.
-Anyone can enter, but for winners to recieve their prize, I will need a shipping address from someone 13 or older. This can be the entrant themselves, or a parent/guardian.
-Prizes can only be sent to countries that have their own LEGO [email protected] Additionally, prizes CANNOT be sent to the following places:
* PO BOX Addresses
* Mainland China Addresses
* Russian or Ukrainian Addresses
-If one of the top three winners cannot recieve their prize, prizes will be sent to 4th place, etc. First place will still be featured on my Instagram page.
-If you are one of the winners, your prize MUST be in stock at your local [email protected] at the time of the contest concluding to be able to recieve it. If it is not, the prize will be substituted with another LEGO set of equal or lesser value. We will discuss which set this will be via DM in the event that this occurs.

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