I was involved in the production of this trailer – Euthia: Torment Of

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I was involved in the production of this trailer and decided to show it to you on this channel.
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The RPG hit from 2021 is coming back to Gamefound on May 2! Get a copy of the second printing of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection including all previously released content as well as a new expansion, Fierce Powers, and other items based on the community feedback such as dual-layer player boards, card organizer, and the Crawling Shadows expansion.

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is an open-world sandbox RPG strategy for 1-4 players that can be played competitively, cooperatively, or solo. Choose one of 6 heroes with different play styles and unique ability trees and embark on a wide range of epic, fantasy adventures through infinitely replayable scenarios. Wander through an expanding open world generated by modular map tiles that will be different every time you play.

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