LEGO Forgot About Super Heroes? Is DC Canceled?

Today, we’re talking about the opportunity I had to interview the LEGO Super Heroes Design Team! If you didn’t know, both DC and Marvel are run by the same team! The people I interviewed are Jesper C. Nielsen the team lead and Mark Stafford the LEGO Designer behind sets like the Daily Bugle, the Black Panther Bust and MORE!

We cover a bunch of different topics which you can find down below! Also if you want to hear different questions asked and answered, check out MiniSuperHeroesToday’s interview!

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00:00 – 03:06 Intro
03:06 – 03:49 What Happened to LEGO DC This Year?
03:49 – 05:56 Their Passion for DC
05:56 – 07:24 Why DC Show Sets Didn’t Happen
07:24 – 10:25 LEGO‘s Hypocrisy & Missed Opportunities
10:25 – 12:41 Why Weren’t There Anniversary Sets?
12:41 – 15:19 No Way Home Secrecy
15:19 – 16:32 Why Was the Black Panther Bust So Large?
16:32 – 17:10 Why Wasn’t A T-Challa Minifigure Included?
17:10 – 17:53 Why Wasn’t the 4+ Set an Infinity Saga Set?
17:53 – 18:41 Outro

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Staff Reporter
Staff Reporter
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