Letbricks 40666 EMD SD-70 Union Pacific | Speed Build | 1763 pieces |

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PCS: 1763+ pcs
Weight: 1800g
Licensed from designer Barduck
Free worldwide shipping
Ship within 18 days
FREE replacement of any missing or damaged parts

MOC-40666 EMD SD-70 Union Pacific
Why did the designers decide to design the SD70?
I had previously done the SD60, also in Union Pacific livery. I find the colours of Union Pacific to be pleasing to look at, as you can see details much easier than in darker liveries like Norfolk Southern. After the SD60 I knew I wanted to do another Diesel engine so choosing the slightly bigger SD70 seemed logical.
How did it get built in the process?
It’s some years already that I designed that train. Normally my process is browsing thru a modeltrain website deciding what models look interesting to do in Lego, then try to find as many pictures of the real train as possible, try to find statistics about it like lenght, height and then start a rough design in Lego digital designer program. Once I’m satisfied with the initial design I port everything to MLCad (a subprogram of LDRaw) so it’s easier to make instructions and parts list. Renders I usually do with stud.io . Then order the bricks and test build.

Electrical components include: Train motor x 2, battery x 1, control switch x 1, receiver x 1.
Made of high quality, eco-friendly ABS plastic which is odorless and has no rough edges.
1763+ parts . The parts are compatible with other building block brands, being neither too tight nor too loose.
Detailed PDF manual on USB drive.
The parts in this MOC set are sorted manually and all care is taken.
If there are any missing or damaged parts, please contact us for FREE replacement.

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