My Trip To Japan! LEGO, Nintendo and MORE!

Here is a travel vlog movie of my trip to Japan in March 2020 – an incredible experience.
0:00 Intro
3:24 Texas, March 5th
5:16 Plane, March 6th
6:00 JAPAN!!!
8:25 Japanese Vending Machines
9:26 The Nintendo Check In
9:50 First Japanese Convenience Stores!!
10:50 TOKYO!
12:10 Tokyo, Japan, March 7th
12:31 Strange Japanese Corn Drink
16:44 Japanese Disney Store
17:39 CAPCOM Store
18:13 Nintendo Store
22:59 Pokemon Center
28:55 Tokyo, March 8th
30:21 FamilyMart
32:34 Cat Cafe?
38:53 Road to Akihabara
41:18 Japanese McDonald’s
43:42 Anime Casino
46:47 Figures and Toy Store
48:49 SEGA Arcade
53:21 Maid Cafe
56:03 Mega Contrux Pokémon Machine…
58:58 Toys and Collectible Hunting
1:02:08 Japanese KFC
1:08:27 AMAZING Tokyo Station Shops
1:09:19 Tokyo Station LEGO Store!
1:11:48 Walkin’ in Tokyo at Night
1:12:32 Korean Food Stand
1:16:04 Tokyo, March 9th
1:16:56 The BEST Food Spot of the Trip
1:18:39 Akihabara Round 2
1:19:12 AMAZING Retro Gaming Stores
1:25:29 Japanese Carl’s Jr
1:28:45 Arrival at Harajuku
1:28:58 Meiji Jingu Shrine
1:33:04 Japanese BBQ
1:34:32 Karaoke Bar!!!
1:35:43 just2drunk
1:38:54 Drunk Idiots at BK
1:41:59 Tokyo, March 10th
1:42:08 Japanese Burger
1:42:47 Bullet Train (real fast)
1:47:18 Arrival in KYOTO
1:47:33 Japanese Big Mac
1:47:58 Kyoto Road to Nintendo
1:48:52 Kyoto Airbnb
1:52:18 Kyoto Explorin’
1:53:17 Kyoto Steakhouse
1:54:23 just2food – Kyoto donuts?
1:55:23 Japanese Chocolate Bars
1:55:53 Torii gates journey begins
1:59:06 Scaling Mt. Inari
2:00:48 Lost in the Mountain?
2:03:52 Wait, HOW HIGH ARE WE?!
2:05:26 The Top of Mt. Inari
2:09:29 Late Night Kyoto Adventure?
2:10:39 Ramen Misadventure
2:13:04 Kyoto, March 11th
2:13:51 Kyoto House Tour
2:17:01 Kyoto Food Hall
2:17:23 Conveyer Belt Sushi!
2:19:22 Kyoto Bakery?
2:23:50 A Castle?
2:27:33 Karp Feedin’
2:29:58 just2parkour in Kyoto
2:33:13 The BEST Belgian Waffles.
2:35:05 Odaiba Mall TOYS”R”US?!
2:36:59 Yugioh and Pokémon at 7/11
2:39:42 Japanese Wendy’s is WEIRD
2:42:44 Tokyo, March 12th
2:43:42 100 Yen Store
2:44:43 Japanese Mall Food Court
2:45:22 Japan Exclusive LEGO Modular
2:48:02 Japanese Market Street
2:49:14 Overpriced LEGO Stall
2:50:00 Shrine Time is My Time
2:52:25 Japanese Baskin-Robins
2:53:34 Kebab
2:54:29 Japanese Wendy’s Baconator
2:55:35 AMAZING Japanese Store w/ LEGO
3:02:55 Yugioh Finds!
3:06:39 Harajuku Drip Trip
3:07:52 Kawaii Cafe
3:08:04 Burlesque Show
3:09:44 AMAZING Crepes
3:10:17 Tokyo, March 13th
3:10:28 Toho Cinemas
3:12:30 Resturant Where You Catch Fish
3:15:55 Pokémon Center DX
3:17:34 Japanese Krispy Kreme!
…more time stamps soon!

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