RevSeller Extension Review (Inventory Calculator On Steroids)

Revseller Extension Review

While there may be some amount of thrill and satisfaction in researching every detail you need to know about buying LEGO, toys or any other product to sell for a profit, extensive product research takes up time that you could be using to make profits.

Instead of spending tedious hours with online arbitrage figuring out which products to buy and which ones to walk away from, take a look at this helpful RevSeller extension review of a technology-driven tools/services option.

Ready to go into beast mode!

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RevSeller: Chrome Extension For Checking Profits

This nifty little chrome extension is really handy for quickly seeing all the details about selling Lego on Amazon.  

It also comes in handy when doing some online arbitrage to grab your profit details of any Lego set sold on Amazon.

What is RevSeller Extension?

Extensive time spent to make sure you’re sourcing the best items and making the most informed decision is often a silent profit killer.

While your purchasing choices need to be based on an informed decision, streamlining data collection on products is very important.

RevSeller is a Chrome extension, meaning if you use the web browser Chrome, you can easily add it to use as a small software program that helps to customize your browsing experience.

This extension of your browsing experience allows you to see profitability with profit verification, sales rank, incomplete sales, and category on product pages as well as comprehensive sales data.

Once you quickly have this information, you are able to make educated and quick decisions regarding purchases.

How The RevSeller Extension Works

The Chrome extension is designed to help third-party Amazon sellers make informed decisions about products quickly. 

Installation of extensions on the Chrome browser is easy.

To set it up:

  1. Go to and sign up for an account.
  2. Walk through the various steps to get set up which include having payment information and your MWS keys information ready. If you are signing up for the free 30-day trial, you will not need to provide any credit card or payment information. Just fill in the basic information about your email and create a password. Before you can click the big green “Get Started Now” button, you will first need to click the box verifying you have a professional Amazon seller account and that you have read the RevSeller terms of service.
  3. In the next screen, provide your Amazon Seller ID and your RevSeller MWS Auth Token. Click the large green “Update” button.
  4. After the RevSeller account is set up, go to the Chrome store by using the red arrow under “Download the Extension”.
  5. Click “Add to Chrome”
  6. Now the extension has been added to your Google Chrome browser and will start working when you are logged into your Amazon Seller account.

Once the RevSeller extension is installed, simply view an Amazon listing by placing your mouse over the listing. An information box will be immediately generated as a pop-up with no need to leave the product page.

The information box will show:

  • The average sale price
  • The pricing history
  • How many listings of this specific item exists
  • Similar listings
  • How many of this type of product has been sold

With this information immediately at your fingertips, you can find a profitable product to sell at a competitive rate with an attractive price.

reveseller screenshot

Using RevSeller To Source More Products

Before you can start using RevSeller, you will first need to have an Amazon professional seller account and then create a RevSeller account either as a free 30-day trial or as a paid annual subscription.

Once you have both accounts in place, complete Amazon Marketplace Web Services MWS setup.

MWS is an integrated web service extension API that allows Amazon sellers to exchange data about listings. It does not share any personal information on fellow sellers but does allow the Chrome extension to collect product information to return accurate and immediate results on profit margin and more.

Finally, add the extension from your Chrome browser and get ready to start fast and simple research that will rake in a healthy profit margin.

The cost of the RevSeller Chrome Extension online arbitrage tool is on an annual subscription option basis with one annual price and no monthly options available.

However, you can cancel at any time.

And, there is a free 30-day free trial period, so you can use the trial accounts before you decide to pay the subscription price every year.

revseller features

RevSeller Extension Features

RevSeller helps third-party Amazon sellers conduct research quickly and easily in mere seconds or minutes instead of long, tedious hours of researching and searching the internet for products to sell.

The results show up in a small pop-up browser window at the top of the product page. The data is easy-to-read and understand in a digestible format.

Some of the benefits of RevSeller include:

  • The Chrome Extension is affordable
  • It is easy to set up and use quickly
  • Saves a great deal of tedious and long research time with an effective search process
  • Provides fast and accurate estimates in real-time with fast and accurate product updates
  • Offers Product Variation information
  • Works on all laptops and desktop computers with no device limit so long as you use the same Amazon Seller account and RevSeller account log-in
  • Works directly with the Amazon API to get accurate results quickly
  • Provides detailed and easy-to-understand information

Some of the best features of the RevSeller extension are the accurate buying and selling information reports it rapidly generates that include calculating:

  • Return on Investment ROI 
  • Margin
  • FBA Fees, including detailed variations
  • Sold Out or In Stock items

RevSeller also offers the following features:

  • Product calculator estimates
  • Preferences Quick Links to Desired Resources
  • Profit Margin Number and Amazon ROI
  • Number of FBA and MFN Sellers
  • Sales Rank
  • On-Page, Real-Time Calculator
  • Ability to quickly sort information

All of the columns displayed can quickly be sorted by a fast click of the mouse. Sort items by price, color, as well as other variables.

Sales Rankings are very important for any online seller. The extension will quickly show you 90-day sales average and percentage rankings.

Sold Out or In Stock

RevSeller also shows if a product is sold out or in stock along with any price gaps. Any product that is out of stock will be labeled as such along with the highest to lowest sell prices.

This nifty calculator will also reveal if an item is on sale and at what price, so you can easily and quickly view what items are moving well and what items are marked down.

ROI Calculator

Instantly calculate the ROI and profit margins without leaving the product page or having to open a new window or numerous windows.

The built-in ROI Calculator works in real-time right inside the listing screen to help you quickly calculate profit product margins and Return of Investment ROI depending on the level of investment.


The purchase cost and the selling price can be used for both Merchant Fulfilled Network MFN and Fulfilled By Amazon FBA. A dollar amount, as well as a percentage ranking, are quickly displayed on the pop-up report, so you can figure cost comparisons at a glance before making informed purchasing decisions.

See percentages and dollars in losses and potential revenue. This favorite tool shows the average sales price in no time at all.

Fees and Variations

One great feature is that this Chrome extension allows the seller to use the Variation Viewer to see colors, sizes, and selling prices. The variations assistant feature provides accurate numbers including variations sold and estimates of fees.

Another aspect of seeing details about multitudes of variations is that you can easily see detailed feedback and customer reviews on the product. Track reviews and additional details of data to watch the product’s performance across numerous platforms and merchants.

RevSeller works on computers and laptops but not on devices that use mobile browsers such as tablets or smartphones since the Chrome extension on phones is not yet available.

As long as you are logged into the same Amazon seller account through seller central, you can use the extension on multiple computers. If you have a virtual assistant, you can install a second copy to be used.

lego revseller example

Investing In LEGO with RevSeller

There is more to selling online than investing and spending money on products you source to sell. When you sell an item in a specific niche, like LEGO, the time spent learning about the product may actually be enjoyable as it is an item that interests you.

However, any time spent could be costing you in the long run.

Even beginner sellers know the basics like when a new product launch happens or hitting the market when it’s hot, like selling the Star Wars collection for May 4 or a Marvel collection when a new movie releases.

But, when it comes to making a business out of online sales, it’s going to require a bit more know-how.

For instance, when trying to buy and sell individual bricks or a Minifigure, you will need to understand the market along with what price has worked for other fellow sellers and what product tends to sit for a while with seemingly no buyer interest.

Any tool that saves time while providing you with good data to help you make informed buying decisions is going to be a must-have time saver and money-making assistant.

This Chrome extension is an amazing tool that offers vital functions and saves time in giving you all the data to help you make a profitable decision as quickly as possible.

Sales Data Ninja
RevSeller: Chrome Extension For Checking Profits

This nifty little chrome extension is really handy for quickly seeing all the details about selling Lego on Amazon.  

It also comes in handy when doing some online arbitrage to grab your profit details of any Lego set sold on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Many experienced and new Amazon resellers consider RevSeller to be a fantastic tool and one of the best hardware tools to help them know what products will get them the best return on their investment.

This Chrome extension is easy to install and start using to save money and time otherwise spent evaluating every single product.

A beginner Amazon smart merchant tends to learn the marketplace faster by using RevSeller. However, it is really a fabulous tool for experienced sellers who are a bit more seasoned veterans.

Those sellers who have spent hours on online arbitrage and product research really love the time-saving features that this online arbitrage tool provides.

Related Questions

Before trying the helpful Chrome Extension to build your online third-seller business, you may still have some questions about RevSeller.

Here are a couple of the most asked related questions.

How do you set up a RevSeller?

Setting up RevSeller is very easy provided you already have a Professional Amazon Seller account. First, make sure you are an Amazon Professional Seller, and then sign up for a RevSeller account.

There is a free 30-day trial period available if you want to use it for a while before committing to the yearly subscription. You can cancel at any time with a user-friendly cancellation process. Go to your My Account page and click on Download Extension.

Does RevSeller work in Canada?

Yes, the Chrome extension is available in the USA and Canada. The helpful seller tool is solely available to use on and only.

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