Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Ships & Submarines

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➡️ Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations

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00:00:12 USS Missouri by @Brickmania TV
00:11:05 USS Intrepid by Ed Diment
00:15:52 USS Wisconsin by Jim Beute
00:30:57 D-Day Omaha Beach by @Brickmania TV
00:42:28 USS O’Hare by @Brickmania TV
00:54:15 German U-Boat by Nathan Flood
00:57:22 Pearl Harbor Attack Timeline by Matthew Greene
01:05:36 USS Nicholas by @Brickmania TV
01:10:06 Fletcher Class Destroyer by Jim Beute
01:19:53 German U-Boat by Erik & Gunner Larson
01:24:58 USS Juliet by Robert Scevers
01:31:21 Japanese Battleship Nagato by Evan Goodsell
01:35:12 D-Day Landing Scene by @Brickmania TV
01:43:59 USS Salt Lake City by Jude Colburn
01:48:07 USS Johnston and USS Sangamon by Brahm Briggs
01:59:40 USS Cassin Young by Kairav Santan

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