Which is a LEGO Ideas 2025 set? 1st 2023 IDEAS Review!

Here’s my thoughts on the LEGO Ideas First 2023 Review! Full post: https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/1f7a16b7-1966-46ae-b0ad-85fbe28be9aa

0:00 Intro
0:32 LEGO Dr. Seuss
1:54 Sweet Honey
2:29 Botanical Garden
2:28 LEGO Crown
3:32 LEGO Stargate SG1
4:05 LEGO Roscosmos
4:39 LEGO Howl’s Moving Castle
5:18 LEGO The Stargate
5:53 Medieval Seaside Market
6:20 Brick Boulevard
6:39 LEGO Comic Store
6:51 LEGO Shrek’s Swamp
8:24 LEGO Baby Sea Turtle
9:05 LEGO Humpback Whale
9:42 LEGO Shrek IDEAS 2
10:22 LEGO Brooklyn 99
11:00 LED LAMP
11:40 Bricks Coffee
11:49 LEGO Creek Saw Mill
12:23 LEGO Hollow Knight
13:14 LEGO Godzilla
14:03 Claus Toys
14:19 LEGO Where’s Waldo
15:26 LEGO Twilight Cullen House
16:24 Genoa Train
16:52 River Side Lodge
17:03 LEGO Daft Punk The Robots
17:16 LEGO Settlers of Catan
17:30 LEGO Monsters Inc.
18:41 Ijinai Family House
19:21 Multi-Tool
20:05 LEGO Portal Gun
20:53 LEGOLAND Central Station
21:17 LEGO E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
22:19 Amethyst Geode
22:51 LEGO The Scream Painting
23:17 U Liotru Elephant Fountain
24:01 LEGO Astronaut
24:28 LEGO The Iron Giant
Robotic Mech Factory
LEGO Bluey
26:35 LEGO Naruto Ramen Shop
28:00 LEGO Ducktales Money Bin
29:05 LEGO Bionicle Toa Head Statue
30:06 LEGO Deejay Chiama Italia
LEGO Metropolitan
31:32 LEGO Classic Telephone
32:29 LEGO Wednesday Ophelia Hall
34:18 LEGO Narnia
35:33 LEGO Stardew Valley
36:11 LEGO Parks and Recreation
36:58 Antique Cabinet
37:27 LEGO Gilmore Girls
38:05 Cool Runnings
39:57 LEGO One Direction
40:56 LEGO Harry Styles
41:36 LEGO Blackpink
42:30 Lantern in the Wind
addams family
43:51 LEGO Spongebob Bikini Bottom
44:36 Bricklink LEGO Color Table
The Moon
45:59 LEGO Taylor Swift Lover House
47:44 LEGO Ice Cream Parlor
47:51 LEGO Elf The Movie
48:37 LEGO Double Helix Coaster
49:13 LEGO Owl House
50:47 Wizard’s Hut
51:37 LEGO Hourglass
52:09 LEGO Shrimping Boat
52:36 Vintage Radio
53:08 Final Verdict

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