Best Place To Buy LEGOs | Where To Buy LEGO For A Deal

Best Place To Buy LEGO

Finding LEGOs at an affordable price may seem impossible. However, if you know some secrets about where to look and when to find the best sales, you can get some great deals.

Whether you’re a LEGO investor, finding a good deal to flip for a profit, or simply want to add to your child’s collection, there are ways to accumulate these building bricks without breaking the bank or paying retail guide.

Where to Look To Buy Lego

You will be able to find a sweet deal provided you know where to look and understand the timing of when the prices go low. If you want a brand new set from a newly launched LEGO line, larger retailers and will be the places to look.

On the other hand, if you want to piece together bricks to sell as bulk LEGO or to create with, then second-hand stores, local rummage sales, or online auction sites will be the places to check out.

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Local LEGO brick & mortar stores or online at is a surprising spot to find some of the best cheap LEGO deals. The company offers LEGO Brick Specialists to help you pick what you need, or you can search for yourself.

If you have a LEGO store near you, you can save a ton by filling up one of their cups with as many pieces you can fit. often offers sales where you can save as much as 30%. Also, always offers free shipping on orders more than $35. 

The really nice thing about finding deals at the Lego store directly is that you can join the VIP club to get exclusive offers throughout the year. It is free to join so signup in the store or online.

Once you’re a VIP member, start accumulating points to spend online or in the store to get the most out of huge discount sales.

Additionally, LEGO offers double VIP point sales on individual sets. They also offer double point months, typically in April and October. So, you’re basically getting double sales savings.

Another good time to look in store is just before the new line of sets come out.  You can get some exclusive LEGO deals that go on clearance.


Walmart is often a goldmine of finding great toy sales including LEGOs for sale. They frequently offer thousands of LEGO for sale including collection sets, accessories and other LEGO sets.

Keep in mind, they also have some LEGO that are exclusive to both Walmart and and in store offers after holiday clearance deals and Black Friday savings. Also, look for online-only Black Friday Deal. 

You might also want to check out to find some secret hidden LEGO clearance.

Each store has its own pricing guide when it comes to what you pay. Brickseek will show you this for any items sold at Walmart.

places to buy lego

Amazon and Woot and Woot are online marketplaces that have periodic sales on sets to cost less than the original price, especially those that have been retired.

Woot is Amazon owned, so you can use Amazon Prime for free shipping.

Look at Today’s Deals and specialty or hard-to-find sets as well as non-specialty pieces on Amazon.

While Amazon has excellent search tools, the downside to using Woot is its difficult search tools for different kinds of pieces such as individual pieces, specialty pieces or specialty sets. 

As with most online retailer, Black Friday is the best time of year to score some good deep discounts.


Target has local stores and is also an online retailer that often has exclusive deals that you can’t find elsewhere including sets from specialty lines like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or the Marvel Series. Also, look for clearance from time to time.

The secret with this retailer is knowing when to shop and using your Red Card for an extra 5% savings. Keep an eye on the sale papers especially close to Black Friday and Christmas as an annual holiday event and gift card specials.

Target also offers a coupon book that is mailed out right before Christmas. Be aware that sometimes they feature LEGO in their ads but don’t honor the toy coupons offered for the actual LEGO set featured.

Best Buy

In addition to electronics, Best Buy is a great place in the US and also in Canada to find LEGO sets.

Best buy carries several LEGO items that you can search for on their site, or look through sale papers before heading to their local store. Use the site’s sort filters to find the best sales.

If you are a tax-exempt reseller, Best Buy will honor that.


Kohls has a toy section that offers a fairly large selection of LEGOs both in store and online. On their site, you can easily search for specific LEGO. Filter your sort by age or favorite character.

They often run clearances and Kohls Cash specials throughout the year.

Be careful to pay close attention to coupon offers to make sure LEGO are included. Use the Kohls Cash on your next purchase as a savings.

Kohls also sells LEGO brand gift cards.

top place to buy lego


Bricklink is a fantastic online spot to find a variety of LEGOs. Sellers list complete sets and individual parts on this site. You will likely find missing pieces to complete a set here. 

You can also find some good deals from international sellers even with the shipping if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for delivery.


This online auction site allows individual sellers to list new and used items often at less than the original price.

It’s a great spot to find LEGO at a savings and pieces in bulk as long as you read the description carefully and check out the seller’s feedback before buying.  BestBuy even has a store presence on eBay.

Bricks and Minifigs

This chain store exclusively sells LEGO. It is the largest toy store of its kind selling only new and used LEGO items, including specialty or hard-to-find sets.

If there is a store near you, you will be able to buy bulk LEGOs for very little cost.

Local Sales

Yard sales and other local selling sources can be a goldmine for finding assorted LEGOs and second-hand LEGOs. Whether you call it garage sale, yard sales, rummage sales, or flea markets, often a great LEGO buying deal is waiting to be discovered like buried treasure.

Thrift stores are also a good place to look as is Facebook yard sale pages or local online marketplaces listings to find accessory pieces or other miscellaneous pieces.

If you are looking for a complete retired set or missing pieces to complete a set, local gaming or hobby shops may have what you’re looking for. Even pawn shops may carry a rare and valuable set for less than you would pay elsewhere.

Just be prepared to wash any used building block toy with warm water and mild soap before using.


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Local Goodwill stores and online at can be a great source for getting LEGOs for a fraction of the original selling price. Goodwill online has a nice search feature.

While you won’t normally find a brand new complete set, this site tends to sell the bricks by the pound prices. You could easily find hundreds of pieces at a reduced price.

UK Store Tesco

Tesco is a retailer based out of the UK. Their site lists prices in British Pounds, so if you are visiting and are solely US Dollar based, you will need to do some converting to determine if it is an excellent deal.

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Zavvi is located in the UK but will ship around the world. They have their own catalog of LEGOs and offer great sales.

Look for sets that are heavily discounted. When the sets get close to retirement, they tend to disappear from most retailers, but Zavvi tends to still carry them. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t spend a fortune to get a hold of some fantastic Lego bricks. Know the secrets of where to look and when to find the best deals and major sales to get a sweet deal.

best place buy lego
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