Lego VIP Program Details You Need to Know [Lego VIP Point Calculator]

lego vip program

So, you’re a Lego enthusiast, but are you one of the valued VIP customers.

The chances are that you spend a lot of your spare cash (or even your regular cash) on Lego sets. Whether that be to add to your Lego exclusives collection or to get more bricks to finalize your master build.

What if I told you that you can claim rewards for every Lego product that you buy? Let me introduce you to the Lego VIP program to help save money on Lego.

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What Is the Lego VIP Points Program

Ultimately, the Lego VIP program is the same as any other reward program. The difference is that its rewards have been tailored to Lego fans. You are able to earn them for in store or online purchases from Lego, but not other retailers.

How To Sign Up For The Lego Group VIP Program

Anybody over 18 can easily become a VIP customer for free.

Simply go to Lego’s official website and find the designated VIP section to sign up for the program in a few steps.

Or, if you prefer, you can go into a Lego shop or any Lego flagship stores and sign up in person.

Either way, you will need your email address to sign up as you will get your Lego ID code through email. This ID is how you earn points so keep hold of this email.

Getting Your VIP Cards

If you want a physical VIP card as proof of your membership, then you can order one when you sign up for the program to be delivered directly to your home.

Or you can pick one up the next time that you are in an official Lego store.

Likewise, if you tend to lose membership cards easily then you can use a digital VIP card. As long as you know what your Lego ID is then you will not need a physical card. Either way redeeming points and tracking point earned can be do online.

Exclusive Rewards For VIP Members

Lego has made exclusive products available in the reward center such as key chains for those who are part of the Lego VIP program.

The blue Lego man keychain, red Lego man mini figure, and VIP metal brick key chain are just a few of the exclusive products you can order for little cost of reward points. So make sure to sign up and grab the first of your exclusive VIP rewards while you can.

If you are already a member of the VIP program, then all you need to do is click the reward center link on your online account and unlock the special VIP code.

Free Lego VIP Point Calculator Download

Are you looking to redeem Lego VIP points and not certain what one VIP point is worth? We got you covered. VIP points worth differs per country, so we have a handy FREE spreadsheet you can download to help with that and other calculations

Download the FREE Lego VIP point calculator here or clicking button below.

Buying From Lego Shop At Home vs Lego Store

There are several ways that you can earn VIP points both in-store and online so that you do not have to miss out on the varied rewards that the program offers.

In Store Points

Once you have chosen the items you want to buy in-store, simply tell your cashier your Lego ID and your reward points will automatically be uploaded onto your account.

You are still able to earn points on discounted products in store. Your VIP points will be calculated based on the discounted price of the item.

So, while you may not be earning as many points as you would do with the item at full price, you are still getting a good offer.

The staff working at Lego should be more than knowledgeable of how the points system works.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about missing out on points if you buy in-store.

lego vip program

If you do not remember your Lego ID when in-store, then your receipt will give you all the information you need in order to redeem the earned points online.

How many points have been earned with the purchase and a redeemable code will be printed on the receipt. All you have to do is log into your online account and you can collect your points straight away.


A lot of people think that they will only benefit from the Lego VIP program if they live near a Lego shop. But that is not true!

When you buy a Lego set online, you will be able to earn just as many points as you would if you brought that set in person.

It is easier to bulk buy Lego sets online as you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep so it may be that you are able to earn more points all at once online compared to if you were shopping in-store. To some people, this is the preferable way to earn points.

Your points will be automatically added to your VIP account. However, this will not be done until your order is out for delivery and so there could be a slight upload delay.

What Will Not Earn You Points

While they are few and far between, there could be some Lego purchases you make that will not earn you any points.

For example, if you buy a gift card then you are not able to receive points for the purchase.

That being said, if you are gifted a Lego gift card then you will still earn points from the sets brought with that card.

It is also worth noting that the VIP program only awards points to members who buy from Lego stores or destinations. This included Legoland and other Lego branded places.

Check out this video on figuring VIP points value. It also includes tips on earning points and to maximizing how to redeem points.

Other Ways Get Free VIP Points

Everybody loves a shortcut, especially when they give you great rewards. That is why customers have figured out plenty of ways to get free VIP points without having to buy a Lego item.

Head to the rewards center to unlock discounts.

Social Media Tasks

Lego has provided a way to get free points fast via several social media tasks or watching videos.

You can find out exactly what you need to do to get these free points by scrolling to the bottom of the Lego VIP page.

There you will find a few sure-fire ways to earn up to 100 VIP points.

Completing Online Surveys

Every so often, Lego will ask their VIP members to complete online surveys in return for free VIP points.

These surveys come about when Lego want their customer’s input on certain sets or future projects.

The surveys never ask you to give away personal information. All you really need is your Lego ID to redeem the available points.

Referring A Friend

Well, why not refer a friend to the VIP program to bag yourself some free points. All you need to do is give them your existing LEGO VIP ID (which you got when you registered) and ask them to input it when they sign up online.

It’s a win-win situation. Your friends and family get to enjoy plenty of rewards via the program and you get yourself some free points.

Score Lego VIP Double Points

Lego is not a company to shy away from limited-time offers. Double VIP points do happen from time to time.

As such, they provide their VIP members with the chance to double their VIP reward points when certain sets are purchased every month.

These points can be rewarded both when online shopping and when regular shopping.

From time to time, Lego will have double point systems that can be achieved only when you purchase an item online or in store.

Once you sign up for the VIP members program, you will be able to receive promotional emails that will inform you of the sets that can reward you with double the points every month.

Do not worry too much about having to search out double point opportunities.

lego vip program tips

Spending LEGO VIP Points

There is no doubt that the best thing about earning VIP Lego points is spending them. So how can you spend points effectively?

Lego Collectable Coins

Out of the many items that VIP points can buy, the Lego collectable coins are by far the most exclusive items.

The first coin was introduced by Lego in 2021 and was sold out within hours. The same stands for every coin that has been released since.

The coin themselves cost 700 points so if you don’t buy Lego frequently then it may take you a while to be able to afford the coin.

However, the Lego coins serve as Lego memorabilia so if you can get your hands on one, then it may be worth a pretty pen in real money.

Whether Lego continues to release coins in the future is not known, but we expect that they will continue to have other valuable collectibles & investments for Lego fans.

Discount and Promotional Vouchers For Lego Exclusive Sets

Of course, the most obvious way to maximize your VIP point value is to redeem them for discount vouchers to get some money off of the most profitable Lego exclusive sets.

However, being a VIP member has additional quirks.

There will be special promotional offers that you can only get by redeeming VIP points. This means that VIP members will be able to get certain sets at discount codes that ordinary shoppers will not even be aware of.

You can use these discount codes both in-store and online by either telling the cashier that you have a discount code or by entering the code into the promotional box when you check out online.

Tours, Experiences and Merchandise

If you are willing to save your points up then you will be able to spend your rewards on fantastic experiences.

For example, you can get a whole Legoland ticket for 4,000 points. Or you can buy VIP only art prints that are not available anywhere else.

Of course, you have to have the determination to save up enough points to achieve these bigger rewards. But, you may find that they are far more preferable for you than a discount on another Lego set.

Final Thoughts

While some Lego fans have their qualms with the VIP program, Lego has created a rewards system that provides a lot more perks than the average points scheme. And all for free!

Really, regardless of any issue you have with the program, there is no harm in registering for free. You may find that there could be an exclusive offer that is perfect for you. And if not, save up your points and take a trip to Legoland.

lego vip points
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