LEGO Bricks & Pieces And Pick a Brick Will Merge

LEGO Pick a Brick was replaced by Brick & Pieces. Now both programs are combined into a new platform called Brick & Pieces. Consumers can browse unique items in this new platform.

Shipping times in the U. S. and Canada will be reduced from 13 to 18 business day to 5. There will be a new fulfillment center in the U.S., and it will reduce shipping time from 13 to 18 business hours to 5.

There will be an option to create your own minfigures. However, it is said that this feature will only be available in Europe and Asia.

Shipping time will be reduced by half. A new fulfillment center will be built in the US. There will be a new feature called Build-a-mini. Unfortunately, it is only available in Europe and Asia.

Lego said that this new experience means that all piece orders, including those previously placed on Bricks and Pieces, can now be applied to GWP (gift with purchases) at

The new combined experience will bring all of Lego’s separate order methods into one place.

The new combined experience will mean that larger orders can be placed in one place, with greater transparency into delivery times.

The first change came in the U.S. and Canada when Lego introduced a new delivery area in their U.S.-based warehouse in January and began fulfilling Pick a Brick orders there.

Pick a Brick will not be available for approximately 48 hours, from the afternoon of January 23 2022 to January 25 2022, when Pick a Brick is back online.

This interruption is planned and necessary. During the downtime, individual items will still be available for purchase through Bricks and Pieces.

Lego plans to launch the new merged experience in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK in early February. It will be followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US in late February.

Lego is also creating a new location called “Pick and Build hub” for Pick a Brick and similar future experiences. With the new ‘Pick and Build hub’, they will try and launch new experiences that allow for creativity and fun.

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