LEGO Vintage Taxi GWP (40532) Is NOW Available

LEGO Vintage Taxi GWP (40532)

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The Lego Vintage Taxi GWP 40532 is now available to grab on LEGO S&H with a purchase of $200 or more.

You know the score. You grab a few sets and as long as you spend the required amount, you get a free gift with your purchase.

Let’s take a quick peak at this months LEGO GWP.

LEGO Vintage Taxi is Now on Lego S&H

Maybe you grabbed the LEGO Creator Boutique Hotel 10297 and you want to add to this unique 1930s look. Well, now you can grab this LEGO GWP for a short time or while supplies last.

This GWP requires a pretty high spend to grab this one, so my guess is that LEGO did not produce many of these, so this could mean some top dollars on some 3rd party marketplaces.

At first glance, there are 2 parts that are much more rare, so building this from used/new parts may not work. the radiator plate was used in LEGO Batman 76180 Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase.

The other part is a beret which is only available in the GWP set.

GWP (1/28/22-2/13/22)
LEGO Vintage Taxi GWP (40532)
  • Gift with Purchase (GWP) with orders on of $200 or more while supplies last
  • 163 pieces

Release Date Of LEGO Vintage Taxi GWP (40532)

On January 28, 2022 the latest Vintage Taxi is available with purchases of $200 or more while supplies last.  It is a Lego exclusive that requires a big spend.

Lego Investor Take On the LEGO Vintage Tax 40532

Let me take a guess. You want this just because it takes $200 to spend. Well, right out of the gate, you might be able to grab one on eBay for about $50-$100 USD. Not certain if these prices will drop down or level off as the supply of them gets out to the market.

I don’t know if I would spend $200 just to get it though unless you are already planning on grabbing a set anyway. Maybe stick with a retiring soon set (I’d go for the LEGO James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 or LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down.

Jeremy Starke
Jeremy Starke
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