LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back To The Future Time Machine Review

LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back To The Future Time Machine Review

Back to the Future, the cult film turned once-in-a-generational movie, is back in LEGO form with one of the most iconic movie vehicles in history.  This, of course, is the time machine built out of a DeLorean (based on the real but short-lived DeLorean DMC).

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, with huge support from co-writer and co-producer Bob Gale, the film brought the world a fascinating and funny adventure time travel story using one of the coolest vehicles in film, all done in the unique style of the 1980s. 

To say it defined the film-watching experience of many children and young adults in that decade is an understatement.

Now, generations of fans can once again relive their favorite moments from the original movie and its sequels in true LEGO fashion.

Great Scott! Let’s look at on of the Creator Expert vehicles, the Delorean Time machine.

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Released 4/1/22
LEGO Creator Expert Back to the Future Time Machine (10300)
  • Set #: 10300
  • MSRP (USA): $169.99
  • Piece Count: 1872
  • Minifigures: 2
  • Price Per Piece: $0.23
  • Release Date: 4/1/2022
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Build Time:  ~8 – 9 hours
  • Instruction Manual: Click here

Box Contents

The cover art for the LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine set is the DeLorean DMC finished model in all of its time-traveling glory.  It’s surrounded by gigawatts of lightning, as if it just jumped into a time-traveling adventure.

Also prominent in the picture is the iconic light-up flux capacitor visible through the front window panel.  This is a genius move since the flux-capacitor, as a mini-nuclear reactor that makes time travel possible, is almost as iconic as the car itself.

A light brick for it makes perfect sense t enhance the build experience of this display piece.

Included in the Lego model box is also a unique perfect-bound instruction manual with a forward by writer and producer Bob Gale and Lego Designer Sven Franic.

There are ten bags of pieces that make up the core build and the two minifigures of Emmett Brown and Marty McFly.

Besides the minifigures for Doc Brown and Marty, you also have an eleventh bag of sub assembly pieces for your favorite version of the DeLorean, whether it’s the original film version, flying machine, or Old West-era car, it’s ultimately up to you which one you’ll play with and display.

The eleventh bag includes such sub assemblies such as the lightning rod from the first movie, Mr. Fusion and fold-down hover conversion tires from the second film, and whitewall tires and circuit board from the third.

Building Notes

The LEGO Creator Expert Back to the Future Time Machine, without  a doubt, is a LEGO Creator Expert set.

And because it’s also an automobile set, you’ll discover a lot of the build also feels like a complex LEGO Technic frame set.

The window pane, time circuits, dashboard dates, license plates & unique building techniques really add the details you would expect from designer Sven Franic.

In addition to the complexity of the build, you have to remember this is also a 3-in-1 set for all the movie trilogies thru Back To future Part III.  

So, whichever version of the DeLorean you want to play with or display at a given time, you’ve got to ensure you keep the pieces for the other versions somewhere secure and safe.  

Also, keep them in a place where you won’t forget where they are.

LEGO Minifigures & Characters

Movie buffs will be happy to know that this set also comes with exclusive minifigures of both Doc Brown and Marty McFly.  And true to their characters from Back to the Future Part II, Doc has his futuristic aluminum visors and Marty’s got his hover board.

Sadly, that’s the only minifigures from the movies included.  

However, dealing with the nature of the set, they of course make the most sense.  Unless you wanted Old Man Biff.

Collectible Display vs Playability

The playability factor for this set can’t be discounted.  Once assembled, you’ll see the DeLorean and Doc Brown and Marty sitting there and find it pretty hard to resist reliving their big screen adventures or taking them on new ones.

Yes, you’ve got a box of plutonium and a lightning rod if you want to play the events of the first film.  Or you can add Mr. Fusion and the hover board and head to the future (which is now the past in real life).  

Or you can raise the gull-wing doors, climb in and put the car in flight mode for a trip to the old West.

Or, like Doc Brown, you can spend your entire family fortune playing with this set across time along with other LEGO sets you have or want.

The display factor for this set is pretty awesome, too.  Who doesn’t want the Back to the Future Time Machine on display with their other prized LEGO sets?  The only problem is resisting playing with it when switching between the different versions of the car.  

Good luck.

More Brick For Your Buck

The per brick price for this set comes in at just around $0.10 a piece.  That’s not the cheapest when it comes to sets.  However, what you may lose in per piece cost, you’re more than making up for it in other aspects of this set.

And no, it’s not in minifigure versions of characters.

Instead, you’re getting more brick for your buck in this set’s 3-in-1 design.  That’s right, you essentially get all three versions of the DeLorean from the film trilogy.  

You can choose the first from the original Universal Pictures film, the flying version from the second movie, or the Old West modified car from the third.  All three time machine options are yours all in one box.

Potential Lego Investment Value

Well, if the initial sales are any indication, the investment value for this set has already seen significant gains.  Released on April 1, 2022 at a retail price of $169.99, the set quickly sold out.  The LEGO site still lists it as Temporarily Out of Stock.

If you’ve got to have your DeLorean DMC time machine right away and are willing to pay more, the set is already going for close to $300 through secondary sellers on sites like Amazon.  

And even at that price, it still might be worth grabbing now.  It really is the perfect Back to the Future set since it does have modifications, allowing you to alternate between the versions of the time machine as often as you want.

And if the speed at which prices have gone up after just being released is any indication, the value for this set has even more upside potential to realize.

You would need to sell this set for $415 or more to realize a 100% ROI or double your money if you purchased it at $169.99 (not incl tax, shipping, etc.) This will be a perfect Lego investment once it retires.

See resources here for RevSeller calculator

Final Thoughts

The LEGO Creator Expert Back to the Future Time Machine set is, without a doubt, the ultimate LEGO set for any fan or LEGO, cars, or the Back to the Future film franchise.  If you fall into all three of those categories, look no further for something that can top it.

In fact, this might become the best Back to the Future collectible ever, outside of an actual 1981 DeLorean like the one used in the films. I really is an upgrade from the 2013 LEGO Ideas/Cuusoo Delorean build.

In a short time, it might also become the hardest to get your hands on for a reasonable price.

So, if you’re looking for a set that is challenging, highly-detailed, heavy on nostalgia, and incredibly detailed, you should consider the LEGO Creator Back to the Future Time Machine.  

But don’t wait too long because, before you know it this Lego set retires, and you may be “OUTATIME”.

How Many Pieces are in LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine?

There are 1872 pieces in the Lego 10300 building set.

How Long Does It Take To Build LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine?

If you average between 200 – 250 pieces an hour, you should plan to finish this set in about 8 – 9 hours of total build time.

How Much Does LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Cost?

$169.99 through the LEGO online store, if it’s in stock

How Big Is LEGO Creator Expert 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine?

5 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.  It should fit perfectly in a large shoebox, but why would you ever squirrel away such an iconic vehicle of an accurate shape that’s clearly meant for permanent display?

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