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Brick Find & Flips​ occasionally links to product and/or services offered by vendors to assist you with all your Lego Investing & reselling needs. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased

What is it?: It is a detailed price tracking chart.  It can be used to give you an alert when the Amazon price or 3rd party seller price changes.  It can be used to also find “hidden” deals.

Check out our YouTube training video on how to use it here.

Why do I Recommend it?: This is my go to tool when I need to get alerted of price changes on whether to buy or sell.

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What is it?: This software can help you find some profitable Lego products (among other things).  It compares retail websites and compares the Amazon pricing for Lego deals.

Why do I Recommend it?: This can really add to your advanced tools to help you source more profitable products at scale.

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What is it?: It is a Chrome extension that helps you to easily calculate your online Lego potential profits.  It gives you the necessary data to help you make your purchase decision.

Why do I Recommend it?: I use this for all my Lego purchases to help me figure out my ROI based on the product cost and projected future prices.

Check out our full review here for more details.

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