Selling Legos By The Pound For Cash

selling legos by the pound

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We all have that pile of old LEGO that we refuse to just give away.

Maybe you stepped on a few loose pieces and really want to get rid of them.

After all, they are valuable in the right communities and you certainly wouldn’t want to give away thousands of LEGO pieces for free. 

Selling LEGO by the pound is a great way to make some honest money out of your old LEGO.

Read on to find out how to make the most of selling LEGO by the pound.

What Is Lego Worth By The Pound? 

How much you get for your pound of bricks will vary depending on where you sell it. 

Typically, you can sell Lego by the pound for about $5- $12/lb.  It may be higher if you have break it out by color or particular themes.

As a rule of thumb, in the US you can sell an individual piece for one cent. Sometimes, you can get several cents per Lego bricks.

The UK has several sites to sell your Lego that will offer a set price for your LEGO bulk by weight. You can expect to receive between £3 – £5 per kilo, so long as they are real LEGO

These are just price guidelines, though. The more desirable pieces you have to sell, the more money you will make. 

Where Can You Sell Lego By The Pound? 

You will not be short of places to sell your LEGO with plenty of online options available internationally as well as in-person options. 

There are recycling sites, marketplaces, and online communities willing to pay real money for your random bricks and Lego collection. 

Online Marketplaces

Facebook marketplace is full of both adult LEGO fans and regular people searching for cheap LEGO or the next Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer.

Nearly 2 billion potential buyers use the site every day. 

Other online marketplaces include: 

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Mercari
  • Offerup
  • Cratejoy
sell lego for cash

The only issue is that these marketplaces are popular options for selling all kinds of items. Your pound of bulk LEGO may get lost in the sea of listings and may not reach the right buyers. 

Lego Specific Marketplaces 

What better way to sell LEGO by the pound than to target communities of LEGO fanatics? 

Several online brick exchanges have been set up in recent years. These marketplaces are full of LEGO buyers willing to pay an instant price for common and rare Legos. 

Popular sites include BrickLink and BrickOwl to sell your Lego pieces.

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Online Buyback Stores 

If you do not care to separate your pounds of LEGO, you can sell instead to online buyback sites. Based on the nearest weight of your haul, they will offer you a set amount of money. 

For example, Decluttr which offers $1 per pound of used Legos. 

Every buyback online store will have its own price guides you can check out. It is usually organize by set number or bulk weight.

Take a look and see if you are willing to accept their set prices, or if you want to get more for your LEGO.

There are also various brick-and-mortar stores that will operate on the same basis.

selling legos by the pound on Ebay
Some Actual Sales of Lego by the Pound on eBay

How Should I Sell Lego By The Pound? 

Every selling method listed above will have its own standards you need to meet in order to get the most money per pound of LEGO.

But how should you prepare your LEGO for selling?

Prepare Your Lego 

Buyback sites will conduct a condition assessment to ensure that you are not selling them broken pieces or false lego.

Likewise, LEGO fans will not be grateful for knockoff brick in their purchase. 

So take time to clean your lego and throw out any broken or inauthentic pieces.

You can use warm water and plain detergent to get your bricks looking shiny and new again in no time. 

The more Legos you have that are in perfect condition, the more money people will be willing to pay for them. 

sell lego by the pound

Separate Your Lego Into Categories

Instead of selling all of your old LEGO in one big mix, consider splitting it up into smaller collections. 

Buyers will most likely be looking for a specific kind of brick to buy. Separating your LEGO up into brick type, color and size will make it easier for Lego buyers to find your listing. 

A LEGO mix made exclusively of a specific type of piece may be able to sell for more money. 

For example, rare colors will sell for more per pound than common colors. 

Some rare colors you could sell separately are: 

-Sand Green
-Sand Blue 
-Medium Nougat 


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Don’t Separate Complete Sets 

Completed LEGO sets are far more valuable when kept together.

Even if your set is only 95% complete, it will still be worth selling as a set rather than as a bundle of bricks. 

If you have the original box, stickers, and the instruction booklet in pristine condition, that will also increase the price you can get for the set. 


There are a lot of set-exclusive LEGO Minifigures that are worth money on their own.

For example, in 2017 a Mr. Gold mini figure sold for $2,500 by itself. 

On the other hand, a 400-pound bag of mixed LEGO parts only sold for $1,100 in November 2017. 

That is a big difference for one Minifigure compared to hundreds of pieces.

You should research the Lego minifigures you have as very few will be worth more than $5-20 a figure. But you could make more money separating your Minifigures from your regular bricks. 

Complete figures will be worth more than partial figures. 

sell lego by pound etsy
Etsy Listings

Other Ways To Sell Used Lego 

Your friends or family may be on the hunt for LEGO, so ask around and see if you know anyone who would offer you some money for your old ones. 

Or, do a garage sale. That way you can sell a lot of things at once and get rid of your old Lego while you’re at it.

You may even attract a LEGO buyer by chance. 

Another online marketplace that you can sell used Lego is Etsy.  Perhaps, you can make some ornaments or create your own MOC of a trending subject that just does not have a set for made yet. 

You can even sell Lego by the pound there too.

Instagram shop is a also a good place to throw up a store if you have a large enough following and have loads of LEGO bricks to sell.

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Final Thoughts

So it turns out there is far more to selling your old bundles of LEGO than you would expect! 

If you don’t want to put the effort into operating and organizing your old Lego, then you can still get a decent amount of money selling your used Lego by the weight.

But if you have some rare lego pieces, perhaps sell those separately and make the most out of your old Lego content.

selling lego weighing by pound
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