LEGO VIP Collectible Coins Are Available Worldwide

lego vip collectible coins

The five LEGO VIP collectibles and the display case are available after being re released  for the second time in the Lego VIP points section.

Even though they sold out fast when they were first released back in 2021, the entire collection of LEGO VIP collectible sets is still available to grab worldwide even today.

If you missed out on the limited edition coin collection from last year, you can get them again right here at the VIP Rewards Center. The coins are each 1,150 VIP points and the collectible coin display case is only 700 VIP points.

The hype may have died down than the first round.  It will be interesting to see if the Lego group produced a larger number of stock after receiving so many requests from Lego fans.

The five coins symbolize the history of the LEGO Group and includes some legendary themes and icons such as Pirates, Space, Coin Brick, City and Castle.

They can then be shown in separate cases which is included or in a larger display case. To get them, you will need to place a separate order in the official online store for each of them, including the case.

lego vip program

Here at Brick Finds & flips, we were missing a couple of the coins and found placing individual orders a little cumbersome to complete the collection.

Lego Investing In the VIP Collectible Coins

Well, it is not a Lego set, but it is still a collectible item.  We are not certain of the rarity of this collection, so only time will tell if these pan out to be worth the 6450 VIP points. 

But, like most of our Lego investments the will be held onto for some time. Grab them while you can before they go out of stock and never to be seen again.

Jeremy Starke
Jeremy Starke
My passion for Lego began when I was a young boy and loved playing with my Lego sets. Like most kids as I grew up, I moved onto to other things and my Mom never saved my sets. (Yikes!!!!) Fast forward to when I started working the 9-5, I reconnected again with Lego and it has been a part of my adult life as an AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego).
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