LEGO Ideas The Globe (21332) Is Revealed To The World

lego ideas the globe 21232

If you have been dreaming about a Lego with design that captures the world, well you are one step closer to that dream coming true.

LEGO announced the newest member of their Ideas products to go live. Finally, the LEGO Ideas Globe has made it onto the the Lego Shop at Home with a release date of February 1, 2022.

It stacks up to just over 2500 pieces to create an impressive globe replica of our world.

LEGO Ideas Globe is Now on Lego S&H

For those of you that have been following this creation through the Lego Ideas process, it has finally been added to the Lego Shop at Home catalog and will be available on February 1, 2022.

This piece will surely make a great display piece for anyone who wants a unique look at the world that we live in.  It checks in with just over 2,585 pieces which is an impressive piece count for a Lego Idea set.

It builds to a height of about 16 inches and can also be spun around like a traditional globe.  Most of the build is using a combination of Lego bricks and Lego Technic elements to help shape the world.

The Earth build is 10 inches in all dimensions, while the support adds some additional measures to complete the construction. The Lego Ideas Globe has many details that feature printed names of continents and oceans that glow in the dark.  Yes, the Globe can also can spin freely.

The builder who designed this is Guillaume Roussel (Disneybrick) who not only had The Earth Globe reached 10K supporters, but also a Mary Poppins themed set in the same review period.

Guillaume spoke about the design and said, “When approaching the design, I asked myself ‘what could be creative, educational and touch most of the world?’ And the answer was just ‘the world itself’”

Release Date 2/1/22
LEGO Ideas The Globe (21332)
  • The Globe measures at 16 inches high and spins on an axis made of Lego Technic pieces.  It also features glow-in-the-dark tiles on the oceans and continents as well as some vintage-style ship and compass items
  • 2585 pieces

Release Date Of Lego Ideas The Globe (21332)

On February 1, the latest set of the LEGO Ideas theme will be released.  It is a Lego exclusive with a price tag of $199.99 and has not been notified and advanced availability for LEGO VIPs.

Lego Investor Take On the Globe 21332

As with most of the Lego Ideas, this will certainly be a highly desirable collectible for many.  It does have a high price tag which means that it would need to be available at a much higher price after this set does retire.

It will be interesting to see if this is only limited to Lego Shop at Home or if other retailers will also be selling this on their shelves.  As always, most investments should be bought closer to the beginning of retirement if you are able to not hold up your investment.

Jeremy Starke
Jeremy Starke
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