Discount Lego Sets [How To Find Lego Deals The Easy Way]

discount lego sets

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in Lego sales. However, there is no disputing that Lego is an expensive hobby to uphold, especially with brand collaborations resulting in price increases on specialty sets.

As a Lego investor & seller for many years, the best advice I received is that “You make your money on the buy.”

So how are Lego maniacs and AFOL still able to make a profit from buying and selling Lego? Well, they find as many ways as possible to not pay the full price.

Welcome to the world of cheap Lego sets.

9 Ways To Get Discount Lego Sets

1.| The VIP Program 

The Lego VIP program is a sure-fire way to get exclusive discounts and promotions that can be spent on both Lego sets and other Lego products. 

All you have to do is sign up for the program either in a Lego shop or through the Lego website and start buying Lego to earn points. The more Lego stuff you buy, the more points you earn. 

While this may seem like an expensive way to get cheap Lego, you will get constant emails once you sign up to the program that will inform you of the hottest deals that are about to happen.

There are also plenty of opportunities to earn free points and double your points. 

If you happen to buy large amounts of Legos at one time, then you may find the VIP program to be more rewarding as you can earn more points at once and redeem your points for bigger discounts. 

Likewise, if you are after exclusive sets or Lego opportunities, then the VIP points may works in your favor by providing you with discounts that ordinary Lego goers do not get. 

discount lego sets on clearance

2.| Buy Lego Second-Hand 

Due to the fact that Lego has been around for so long, you will find that almost every household has a box of assorted Legos. That also means that there are constantly people who want to get rid of that random box of Lego in their garage. 

Second-hand Lego is by far the easiest way to get Lego at a discounted price. Checking on eBay or Facebook yard sale pages regularly could mean that you land on a rare Lego set for an amazing price. 

Of course, like with all second-hand purchases, there is a chance that the Lego will not be in the best condition. But do not worry, there are plenty of ways to fix that! 

Thanks to the durable plastic that Lego bricks are made from, all you need to clean dirty Lego bricks is some warm water, mild soap and a clean cloth.

Soon enough, the Lego will be ready to resell or reuse. 

3.| Go Thrifting 

Much like when going to yard sales or rummage sales, there is a big chance that there will be lots of Legos available in thrift stores.

The best part about shopping for Lego in thrift stores is that most store employees will not know the value of Lego. This means that you may be able to get rare sets far cheaper than the original sales price.

As well as getting yourself a few deals at thrift stores, you will also be helping out a charity which is a win-win in my books. 

4.| Brand Stores 

Disney is one of the many brands that continue to do collaborations with Lego, resulting in several special Lego sets such as the Steamboat Willie Lego set. 

This set, along with any other Lego product that is associated with Disney, is sold not only in official Disney stores but also in Disney parks.

Due to Disney being an entirely separate brand from Lego, they are able to sell their Lego sets at any price they wish. So, while you may not be able to find a Disney set at a discounted price in any Lego shop, you may have more luck at a Disney-owned store. 

The same brand concept can be applied to the Harry Potter collection and official Harry Potter locations like the Warner Brothers studio tour. 

5.| Online Deals 

Other unofficial suppliers of Lego are able to include their Lego stock in their own deals whenever they want.

Target, for example, often have loads of deals on Lego sets in their semi-annual Target toy sale.

Their online sales are easier to assess and have discounts that you may not be guaranteed to find in individual stores. 

Amazon also always seems to have some major sales on Legos too, but especially so during their Black Friday sales or Prime Weekend sales. 

discounted lego sets

6.| Stores That Are Closing Down 

While a store going out of business is always a sad sight, it does mean that you could take advantage of liquidation sales. 

Typically, when a store closes down, it has to get rid of all of its current stock. Take Toys ‘R’ Us for example. It had to sell as much stock as possible before closing its doors for good, so they were selling Lego at ridiculously low prices. 

Not every store that goes into liquidation will have Lego in their stock but if they do, you can be sure to pick up some great sets for sale. 

7.| Fan Sites 

Buying and reselling Lego has become a popular business scheme in the last few years. So much so that Lego fans have set up their own Lego sites where sellers can have their own store dedicated entirely to selling Lego. 

These stores are often very specific in what Lego they sell. Many will even sell individual Lego bricks to accommodate the master builders in the community. 

Some sellers will purposely seek out Lego deals and re-sell them on their store for far lower than the retail price. This is the place you want to be if you want to find specific Lego sets at a decent price. 

8.| The Official Lego Store

Of course, Lego has its own promotions going on at various times of the year. Just head to the official Lego sales and discount page on their website to find out what sets are currently at a discounted price. 

9.| Retail Clearance Sales

Probably the best way to get a good amount of discount Legos is to take advantage of retail stores clearance sales. You can get massive savings and build a huge Lego collection at some brick & mortar stores.

We have scored Lego sets for over 75% off of the Lego Shop @ Home retail price.  We are talking multiple sets to pickup, not just 1 or 2.

This is huge if you are into Lego investing or scoring a low price per pieces to resell bulk Legos.  Check out Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble select times of the year for their inventory clearance deals.

Free Lego Sets | Ultimate Discount Lego Sets

Nothing says ‘discounted item’ like free stuff. But how can you get free Lego sets

The VIP Program

As I mentioned before, you are able to spend your VIP points on discount codes to get some money off of your next Lego purchase. But there are many other quirks that come with being a VIP member. 

Every so often, you will be able to redeem special codes that will unlock limited edition Lego goodies that non-members will not be able to buy.

All for free! 

Lego Gift With Purchase (GWP)

Lego Shop @ Home and Lego in store locations run monthly promotions in which you can score some free Legos when you hit a certain purchase amount. 

While technically not free, you still get this item which sometimes can be profitable if you want to sell it.  The profit can offset your initial purchase by a good chunk of money.  I have even had it pay for 50% of my purchase on some GWPs.

Holding onto some gifts with purchase (GWP) for a few years is also good as an investment as this is $0 cost.  These do very well in the secondary markets once the supply starts to dwindle.

Just be careful as not all GWP are not worth spending the money to get them.

Enter Contests 

Sometimes there will be Lego contests hosted either by Lego themselves or the Lego community. 

Some prices for these competitions will be cash prices but more often than not there will be Lego prices too. 

The competitions are tough and are often won by master builders but there is no harm in trying to win free Lego. 

Final Thoughts

To put it bluntly, there are always discounts on Lego happening. They may not be where you expected them to be, but if you put in the time to look for the best discounts possible, then you are sure to pick up some sweet deals.

Related Questions

Where can I buy cheap Lego sets?

The best time is to wait for clearance deals at the major retailers.  Some of them include Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Kohls, & even the Lego Store will have discounted clearance sets.

Where can I get the best deal on LEGOs?

The best deal on Legos is typically found when retailers are trying to get rid of their inventory to make room for the new sets.  This is a good way to score some retired Lego sets.

Where can I buy cheap LEGOs online?

Black Friday is usually the best time of the year to score some heavily discounted Lego sets online.  Amazon, Walmart, Target & Kohls regularly have cheap Lego sets online during this time.

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