Lego 40524 Creator Botanical Sunflowers Review

Lego 405241 Creator Botanical Sunflowers Review

The Lego botanical 40524 sunflower set is the latest addition to the 2021 Lego for adults creator expert botanical collection. 

The Lego botanical collection is a very recently introduced collection that launched at the start of 2021. Customer feedback on the collection has been fantastic with repeated praise for how realistic the sets look – particularly the flowers in the flower bouquet 10280 set.

Off of that, Lego released a handful of other flower sets as part of the collection, including a pair of roses and a birds of paradise potted plant.

So how does the Lego botanical 40524 sunflower set hold up against the rest of the collection?

Let’s find out.

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Set Details
LEGO Creator Botanicals Sunflowers
  • Set #:  40524
  • MSRP (USA): $12.99
  • Piece Count:  191
  • Minifigures:  0
  • Price Per Piece:  $0.06
  • Release Date:  1/2/2022
  • Age Rating:  10+
  • Build Time:   ~30 mins
  • Building Instructions: Click Here

Box Contents

The box that the sunflower set comes in is visually loud and happy in its own right but is not overly complicated.

A plain sky blue background with a few dotted clouds makes it seem as though the pictured sunflowers have grown as high as the sky. 

On the box, the 2 pictured flowers are given their own personalities which makes them seem more natural, even in the clearly animated setting.

This is in line with the other singular flower collections that have been released. However, it does seem lackluster compared to the first wave of the botanical set releases. 

Inside the box, 191 pieces are separated into 3 unmarked bags. Alongside the bags is a small, mere 24-page booklet.

The build itself is pretty repetitive so there isn’t much need for an in-depth booklet, unlike other sets in the botanical collection, which are slightly more technically inclined. 

The sunflower set yields 2 slightly different sunflowers. The flowers are not identical, even though the box does not do particularly well at indicating as such. 

Building Notes

Building the Lego botanical sunflower set was not the easiest process nor the most fun. 

Unlike most of the other flowers featured in the Lego botanical collection, sunflowers have a repeating petal pattern. Whilst it is great that the set designers stayed true to this pattern to keep the set realistic, it did make for a boring build. 

Roughly 96 of the 191 pieces are dedicated to creating the petals of the sunflowers which are assembled then attached to a steering wheel piece in the same way. 

Attaching the petals proved to be a fiddly task. The steering wheel piece itself didn’t seem big enough at first to fit all of the petals on it. But with some care and a bit of shuffling, the petals finally fitted fine. 

It is attaching the petals and maneuvering them so that they are pointing in the direction that they are supposed to be that drags out the building time for this set. 

You can expect this set to take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to build due to the more time-consuming mechanics. 

LEGO Minifigures & Characters

The Lego botanical 40524 sunflower doesn’t include any minifigures or characters. However, the 2 sunflowers that the set crates have a bunch of characters within themselves.

Between the slight design variations and the astonishing realistic design, the flowers bring themselves to life with the need for another character. 

Collectible Display vs Playability

Like most of the Lego botanical collection, the sunflower set is mostly intended for display purposes. 

Even though the set is aged 8 +, few children will have much fun playing with the flowers once they have been built. 

The design of the set makes for an eye-catching sunflower display. This makes the set work perfectly as a stand-alone piece to take center stage in your living room.

That being said, if you currently own other sets in the botanical collections, then an adult could squeeze some extra fun out of this sunflower set by organizing their own flower arrangements. 

More Brick For Your Buck

Checking in at $12.99, the Lego botanical sunflower set is a fair price for the amount of time it takes to build. However, for younger builders who may have a shorter attention span, the set may not be worth the money. 

On the other hand, if you have a particular interest in flowers or have adored the look of the previous botanical sets, then this sunflower set doesn’t disappoint. 

If you weren’t looking too closely, these Lego sunflowers could be mistaken for real sunflowers. They are the perfect gift from someone who needs a little sunshine to liven up their living room without running the risk of killing a real plant. 

Potential Lego Investment Value

Seeing as the set was only released 2 months ago, it is hard to tell whether the Lego botanical sunflower set has any real investment value. 

According to BrickLink, the average price for a good condition sunflower set has decreased from $22.50 in January 2922 to $24.05 in March 2022.

This is clearly a steady increase in value from the initial $12.99 and gives you nearly 100% ROI before marketplace fees. There is the possibility that the set will maintain its value for a few more years.

But, none of the botanical collection sets have retired yet, so it is difficult to estimate how well the set will do once it has retired. 

Part Out Value 

The part out value of the set on BrickLink is averaging $44.38 as of 3/24/22. Though there are not many noticeable hard to find pieces that come with the set. 

There are 2 dark green 2×2 steering wheels (67811) that are currently averaging $0.88 on BrickLink. This makes them the highest valued unique pieces of the whole set, significantly outdoing the price per piece for the set, which is $0.06. 

You will still be able to make a decent profit from parting out the set with the wheels alone, making it worth the effort. 

See resources here for RevSeller calculator

Final Thoughts

Like most of the other sets in the botanical collection, this Lego botanical sunflower set is certainly more beneficial for adult fault fans of Lego. 

The build itself is nothing spectacular nor innovative and can get tedious. But once the set is complete, 2 stunning and realistic sunflowers make the drag of the build worth it.

Related Questions

How Many Pieces are Lego Botanical 40524 Sunflower?

There are 191 pieces in the Lego botanical sunflower set. 

How Long Does It Take To Build The Lego Botanical 40524 Sunflower?

The Lego botanical 40524 sunflower takes roughly 15-20 minutes to build. 

How Much Does Lego Botanical 40524 Sunflower Cost?

When released on 1st January 2022, the Lego botanical sunflower cost $12.99 at retail. 

How Big Is The Lego Botanical 40524 Sunflower?

The Lego botanical sunflower measures 19.1 x 14.1 x 4.6 cm. 

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