LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209) Available To Pre-Order

LEGO Marvel Thor's Hammer 76209

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Is this the hammer that only Thorr can pick up or does Captain America get to wield it too?

Lego has officially revealed the latest addition to the LEGO Marvel array of block family. This set is now available on LEGO Shop at Home to be pre-ordered for a release on March 1.

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LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer is Now on Lego S&H

This LEGO Marvel set is based on the Marvel Infinity Saga classic hammer called Mjölnir. This was the hammer that Thorr used throughout most of the Marvel movies.

It includes a mini storage area for small models of the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract and Odin’s Fire.

This would go nicely displayed next to the LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet that housed all the Infinity stones.

Available 3/1/2022
LEGO Marvel Thor's Hammer (76209)
  • Authentic Thor hammer – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with the LEGO® Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209) build-and-display model for adults 
  • 97 pieces

Release Date Of LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209)

On March 1, 2022 Lego Marvel Thor’s Hammer (76209) will be released. It is currently available NOW for pre-order if you head over to Lego S&H.

You can purchase this and if you spend $200 or more, you can grab the LEGO Vintage Taxi as a GWP with supplies last.

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Lego Investor Take On the LEGO Marvel Thor’s Hammer 76209

This LEGO display piece is a mixed bag.

While most will snag this up without really thinking about, some will take notice at the lack of detail that the hammer itself has.

But the global search volume for “Lego Thor” is massive at 14,000 searches per month globally (see below). So take that what you want to check out the demand side of things.

It does make up for it with the Thor minifig and the storage space and artifacts it has though.

It is really a good value priced at $99.99 which checks in at about $0.10 (USD) per brick. It even comes with a Thor minifigure to add to your collection

This would definitely make a centerpiece for any Marvel Thor fan.

As an investor, you might want to wait to grab this until it is closer to its retirement, so it does not tie up your capital. But, make sure to grab one for your own collection.

This set is also available as a Target exclusive. This typically bodes well as far as a more limited supply will be available and LEGO has quantity limits online.

Only Target and LEGO will know the supply. Plus Target may have this for up to 20% off or some Black Friday deal. Stay tuned!

Monthly Global Search Volume For “Lego Thor”
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