NEW LEGO 2022 LEAKS! (Star Wars, Promos, 18+ & MORE!)

NEW LEGO 2022 LEAKS! (Star Wars, Promos, 18+ & MORE!)

Check out the amazing Razorcrest MOC used in this video below:

Today we have some really exciting leaks for some new Lego sets! Firstly, a brand new promotional set has leaked which is Lego 40529 Children’s Amusement Park which will contain 170 pieces and will be a Lego April 2022 promo and in some regions a Lego May 2022 promo set with a $90 or £90 spend!

Talking of promos, we have our first information regarding the Lego May 4th promo for 2022 and we are getting a minifigure!

Lego Blue Milk Luke will be part of the Lego May 4th 2022 promo alongside Lego 40531 which will be a brickbuilt promo to go alongside Luke as a bonus!

Lego Star Wars fans who have been playing the Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga this past week will be dissapointed to see an “exclusive” minifigure is now going to be given away for free!

The prices on Ebay for the Lego Star Wars polybag have been pretty crazy the past few days so might help to reduce those slightly.

These will be great free gifts for those looking to pick up the Lego UCS Luke’s Landspeeder which is the Lego May 4th 2022 set based on Lego Star Wars leaks!

We also have some more information on the Lego Star Wars Summer 2022 sets that the Lego Star Wars 75331 UCS set will be a Lego UCS Razorcrest for 2022!

This model would be huge at that price tag and would hopefully contain some great minifigures to justify that price tag and would be the biggest Lego Mandalorian set to date!

We also got some more images of some Lego Creator Expert 2022 sets which form the Lego Botanical 2022 sets! These include the Lego 10311 Orchid leak and Lego 10309 Succulents leak, both look really great and some amazing build techniques have been achieved for the plants!

A new Lego DC set is on the way as part of the Lego DC 2022 sets being a bat bike and is a free gift as part of the Lego DC range.

In a similar vein, we haven’t heard too much recently for the Lego Marvel Summer 2022 sets or seen many leaks for the Lego Marvel Summer 2022 sets but we saw an image of a Lego Captain America minifigure which will be included as part of a magazine!

Also, as many Lego Stores around the world are seeing a revamp a new Tile Printing machine is being installed allowing people to print custom tiles in a pack of three! All that and much more!

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