NEW LEGO LEAKS! (Harry Potter, 18+ Set, ForTnite & MORE!)

NEW LEGO LEAKS! (Harry Potter, 18+ Set, ForTnite & MORE!)

NEW LEGO LEAKS! (Harry Potter, 18+ Set, ForTnite & MORE!)

Today we have some awesome new Lego leaks for upcoming sets! Firstly, we had some leaked images of the Lego Creator Expert 2022 sets as we get a range of the Lego Botanical Collection 2022 sets being the Lego 10311 Orchid leak and Lego 10309 Succulents leak!

Both sets will retail for $50 and hit shelves on May 1st around the world! These will join an already strong lineup of sets for the Lego Creator Expert 2022 line including a Lego Optimus Prime, Lego Effiel Tower and Lego Rollercoaster all for 2022!

Next up, Lego and Epic Games are collaborating on new projects which could strongly suggest Lego Fortnite sets will be on the way in the near future such as Lego Fortnite Brickheadz and a Lego Fortnite minifigure series!

Over in Denmark Lego revealed the Lego Architecture Lego Campus set which will sadly be an employee exclusive and not a set to buy!

The set features a microscale diorma of the new Lego headquaters in Billund, Denmark which opened this week and the set was given away to celebrate the opening!

Lego Harry Potter Summer 2022 sets just got bigger thanks to a Lego Harry Potter Summer 2022 leak of Lego 40560 Professors Of Hogwarts Brickheadz four pack for $40!

It will most likely launch in June alongside all the other Lego Harry Potter summer 2022 sets! Lego Ninjago is getting a new Overlord minifigure in the Lego Ninjago magazine which could point to a new minifigure in the Lego Ninjago Summer 2022 sets!

We also got our first Lego Space set/product for 2022 with a Lego Space cap alongside a Lego Octan cap now avaliable to VIP members!

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