New Lego Sets 2022 Minecraft First Look

new lego minecraft 2022 jan sets

What’s the latest 2022 Minecraft Lego sets coming out next year?

If you love Minecraft then you’ll want to check out these new Lego sets coming out for 2022

The first images and details of each of the 2022 Minecraft sets are starting to come out.

Some of these sets look pretty epic.  We will give you our thoughts about each one.

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Lego Minecraft The Creeper Ambush (21177)

Lego minecraft 21177

Lego Set 21177 – The Creeper Ambush – This Minecraft Lego set checks in at 72 pieces and retails for $9.99 which is about $0.14 per piece. 

The set features Steve, a red creeper, baby pig, chicken, and a crafting table amongst other things.  It should be a fan favorite for the red creeper.

Lego Minecraft The Fox Lodge (21178)

lego minecraft 21178

Lego Set 21178 – The Fox Lodge – This Lego Minecraft set is made up of 193 pieces and retails for $19.99 which is about $0.10 per piece. 

The set has Alex in a fox costume of some sort fishing.  It also has a green zombie and various foxes in orange and white colors.   A cozy fox lodge is the back drop that is featured in this Lego Minecraft set.

Lego Minecraft The Mushroom House (21179)

Lego 21179 Mushroom House

Lego Set 21179 – The Fox Lodge – This Minecraft set has 272 pieces and retails on LEGO Shop for $19.99 which is about $0.07 per piece. 

This Lego set has features Alex & his axe, a skeleton, a spider, an apple tree, mushroom cow and a mushroom.  This is a similar version of the now retired Lego Minecraft Mushroom Island 21129 set.

Lego Minecraft The Guardian Battle (21180)

lego mincraft 21180

Lego Set 21180 – The Guardian Battle – This Lego Minecraft set includes 255 pieces and a retail price for $24.99 which is about $0.10 per piece. 

This Lego set is an underwater adventure that has a diver, glow squid, guardian, elder guardian and 3 axolotls.

Lego Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch (21181)

lego minecraft 21181

Lego Set 21181 – The Rabbit Ranch – This Lego Minecraft set includes 340 pieces and retails for $29.99 which is about $0.09 per piece. 

This Lego set is a fun adventure with a rabbit ranch and cave that has a tamer, a rabbit, baby rabbit and a zombie.

Lego Minecraft The Training Grounds (21183)

lego minecraft 21183

Lego Set 21183 – The Training Ground – This Asian-inspired dojo set in the Lego Minecraft theme includes 534 pieces and retails for $69.99 which is about $0.13 per piece. 

This Minecraft Lego set has a training ninja dojo temple, cave plus features character including a ninja, rogue, skeleton and a bat.

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Jeremy Starke
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