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Last Updated 6/4/2022

I remember the day that I found out you could sell products on Amazon.  It was in 2014 and was listening to a reseller on YouTube when I heard those magic words of shipping your products in Amazon and getting sales from the Prime potential buyers.

My sales for Lego on eBay were selling in large quantities as I have been selling there for about 15 years, but selling Lego on Amazon really intrigued me more.

We will cover what you need to do to get started with selling Lego on Amazon, how to get ungated in Lego, as well as 4 tips to level up reselling Lego on Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA & Why You Should Sell Lego On Amazon

Selling products online is actually not too difficult whether it is Lego or some other toys.  The real trick for most new sellers is learning how to navigate the different platforms, jumping through some hoops, and selling off your inventory.

This is not meant to be a step by step guide about sell everything on Amazon, but more of starting and level up guide to selling the Lego brand on Amazon.

Amazon For The Win | More Eyes On Your Lego For Sale

You can sell items on Amazon 2 different ways.  Here is a quick rundown of each of the fulfillment options.

1. Amazon FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a program that allows sellers to delegate their order fulfillment, packaging, and customer service to Amazon. 

Products sold through Amazon FBA are automatically eligible to Amazon Prime, which has over 112 million customers in the USA.

Reselling your Lego sets through the FBA program gives you access to a wide customer base. It frees up your time since Amazon handles logistics.

2. Amazon FBM

Amazon Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM), or merchant fulfilled simply means that you are selling your Lego item on the same listing as FBA, but you handle all of the shipping & customer service.

It is much like eBay, but Amazon get way more traffic. There are some other differences in fees compared to FBA, but we will save that for another time. 

You can see the main differences between FBM and FBA here.

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Why Sell Lego on Amazon | Is It Worth It?

After jumping through the application process and approval to get onto Amazon, my sales skyrocketed once I got fully hooked into selling items there.

At first, I just sold some used board games and books as they were plentiful and really cheap inventory.  Most experts at the time suggested to start off selling MF and then move into FBA.

In fact, I really suggest a similar route before you sell Lego on Amazon. 

There is an approval process to get ungated in Lego (more on that below) and it really helps to have some sales on products you can sell right away.

However, I remember when I sent in some Lego into the Amazon FBA and sold out of 10 boxes in 1 hour once it checked in.  Not only did it save me from the hassle of shipping each individual box of Lego, but the profits & return on investment (ROI) were healthy.

Plus on Amazon Prime day and other times of the year like, Q4 (Oct- Dec), you can expect to see huge amounts of traffic and sales compared to other times of the year.

So, yes it is definitely worth it even with the countless sellers & approval requirements.

selling lego on amazon
Some Really Good ROI Lego Sales

How To Sell Lego On Amazon Checklist

So you checked out Amazon and maybe you are already an Amazon Prime customer, so what does it take to get started. 

Here are some things you must consider before you cash in on your Lego investments:

Register on Amazon Seller Central

  • Seller Central is the hub & dashboard of selling on Amazon ,whether you do FBM or FBA.
  • It is recommended to have a separate email account on Amazon so you don’t mix personal with business.  This keeps things accounting and things more legit.
  • Once registered, make sure that everything matches with all your banking, credit cards and addresses.
  • Amazon has recently rolled out an approval process where you have to send in more additional paperwork and a possible video conference to make certain your are legit.  It is just one of the requirements for approval you should be ready for.

Start Selling On Amazon

  • Start with selling some used items such as books or possibly some fast selling hot items by merchant fulfilled (MF).  Make certain to follow the guidelines and read up on what you need to do to meet them.  Look for items you don’t need approval in.
  • At this point, breaking even or slight profits is better for quick sales and to get some sales under your account and also learn the in and outs.
  • Do this for at least 1-2 months to build up some seller feedback.  Make certain you have good current seller metrics and seller performance during this period.

How To Get Ungated In Lego On Amazon

  • Approval process to get ungated in Lego does take into consideration the age of your Amazon account and your seller performance records, so you really can’t skip ahead and get a quick approval.
  • Request approval for Lego and have all your documents ready.  Amazon wants legitimate documentation from reputable distributors of Lego.  You need to obtain these from a distributor of Lego.
  • Historically, Amazon wants a recent invoice of at least 10 of the same Lego item so be prepared with this purchase from a distributor of Lego.

Do you still want to sell Lego on Amazon?  It can be some work to get started and get approved, but it is really worth the effort. 

Once you get through this process, you will find that this is a good marketplace to sell Lego on.

4 Tips To Help Resell Lego Sets on Amazon

1. Resell Only Authentic Lego Sets on FBA

This goes without saying, but still worth pointing out to ensure you don’t have any inauthentic inventory.

Amazon has strict policies that prohibit listing and sale of knock-offs.  This ensures that counterfeit items and in-authentic items are not sold on there platform.

It is your responsibility as a reseller to source and authenticate genuine Lego sets. Failure to do so, Amazon will suspend or terminate your FBA account. Also, selling counterfeit products is illegal, and you can be charged with fraud.

Therefore, buy your Lego sets from reputable Lego distributors and retailers to avoid fake items. If you are buying new sets, ensure that the seal is intact. Do not buy a set if anything about it feels off, e.g., branding, quality, color, etc.

Keep your invoices and receipts for the Lego sets safely. Amazon may require you to produce them as proof of legitimacy.

Also, if there is a counterfeit claim by a buyer, you may be required to provide the receipts & invoices as evidence that you bought from a reliable Lego distributor or retailer.

2. Opt for FBM for Higher-Priced Sets & Quicker Sales

While FBA is convenient and takes the logistical hassle away from you, it also takes away your control over order fulfillment. When handling extremely fragile and expensive sets, the only way to be sure they are handled well is to pack and fulfill them yourself.

Besides, high-end buyers expect to receive the Lego sets in the best condition. Most of them are collectors who are keen on the condition and packaging of the Lego sets. 

While Amazon does its best to package and ship items properly, they handle large volumes of orders. Therefore, they may not accord your Lego sets intricate care as you would.

Also, if the set requires special packaging material, oversee the order fulfillment.

FBM also allows you to get you turn your profits faster.  Sometimes check-in times for Amazon can slow down your item selling especially when selling Lego around Christmas & holiday time.

3. Adjust Prices Manually

Most FBA sellers want to keep their prices competitive in order to make sales consistently. Therefore, they set up an algorithmic or rule-based repricer that automatically adjusts product prices per the market fluctuations.

Unless you have an extensive Lego set portfolio, you do not need an automatic repricer especially if you are selling retired Lego sets.

Also, since you are reselling most Lego with some period of time after retirement, you do not need to engage in price wars with more sellers. You can match the price to get the buy box.

Besides, depending on how long it has been since the set retired, there are likely to be only a less sets in the market. Should you need to adjust your prices, it is best to do so manually.

4. Reselling Tools Can Really Help The Process

Speaking of tools to help you sell a Lego box or 2. Having the right tools is really key to selling successfully & predict your profit when the price appreciation.

Here are a few of the ones we prefer to sell Lego efficiently & profitably on Amazon.

Sales Data Ninja
RevSeller: Chrome Extension For Checking Profits

This nifty little chrome extension is really handy for quickly seeing all the details about selling Lego on Amazon.  

It also comes in handy when doing some online arbitrage to grab your profit details of any Lego set sold on Amazon.

Fast Listing & Retail Arbitrage
Inventory Lab: Manage Your Lego Inventory Sales On Amazon

This might not be for newbies, but once you start selling more on Amazon, you need a way to track your inventory cost of goods (COGS) and sales.

It also doubles as a faster way to list your Lego items to sell on Amazon and also use its mobile app to help source Lego in the store if retail arbitrage is your thing.

Check out our extensive list of Lego Investing & Reselling Resources HERE

Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA is a great eCommerce platform for reselling your Lego sets. However, Amazon has strict requirements and policies for Lego selling to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

Ensure to adhere to these rules to avoid account suspension or termination of your Amazon seller account.

Can I make money selling Lego?

Yes, you can certainly make money selling Lego sets.  Generally, you should look to purchase sets closer to their end of life or retirement and wait for the market to reach your desired profit.

What is the best way to sell Legos?

Lego is a great item to sell on many different platforms.  Just be certain to follow any marketplaces rules about selling Lego.  You also have the option to sell Lego in many different ways including:

  • New Lego sets
  • Used Lego sets
  • Incomplete Used Lego sets
  • Mini Figures
  • Lots of Random Lego bricks

Is it still profitable to sell on Amazon?

Yes it is definitely profitable to sell Lego on Amazon.  In fact, I have never lost money selling Lego on Amazon.  Some items you may have to take a loss to quick reinvest. but the Lego category has held strong for most sets sold on Amazon.

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