Tips For Reselling Lego on Amazon FBA

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a program that allows sellers to delegate their order fulfillment, packaging, and customer service to Amazon. 

Products sold through Amazon FBA are automatically eligible to Amazon Prime, which has over 112 million customers in the USA. Therefore, reselling your Lego sets through the FBA program gives you access to a wide customer base. It frees up your time since Amazon handles logistics.

Below are 3 tips to help you resell your Lego sets on Amazon.

  1. Resell only Authentic Lego Sets on FBA

Amazon has strict authenticity, quality, and anti-counterfeiting policies that prohibit listing and sale of knock-offs. It is your responsibility as a reseller to source and authenticate genuine Lego sets. Failure to do so, Amazon will suspend or terminate your FBA account. Also, selling counterfeit products is illegal, and you can be charged with fraud.

Therefore, buy your Lego sets from reputable Lego distributors and retailers. If you are buying new sets, ensure that the seal is intact. Do not buy a set if anything about it feels off, e.g., branding, quality, color, etc.

Keep your invoices and receipts for the Lego sets safely. Amazon may require you to produce them as proof of legitimacy. Also, if there is a counterfeit claim by a buyer, you may be required to provide the receipts as evidence that you bought from a reliable Lego distributor or retailer.

  1. Opt for FBM for Higher-Priced Sets

While FBA is convenient and takes the logistical hassle away from you, it also takes away your control over order fulfillment. When handling extremely fragile and expensive sets, the only way to be sure they are handled well is to pack and fulfill them yourself.

Besides, high-end buyers expect to receive the Lego sets in the best condition. Most of them are collectors who are keen on the condition and packaging of the Lego sets. 

While Amazon does its best to package and ship items properly, they handle large volumes of orders. Therefore, they may not accord your Lego sets intricate care as you would. Also, if the set requires special packaging material, oversee the order fulfillment.

  1. Adjust Prices Manually

Most FBA sellers are keen to keep their prices competitive in order to make sales consistently. Therefore, they set up an algorithmic or rule-based repricer that automatically adjusts product prices per the market fluctuations.

Unless you have an extensive Lego set portfolio, you do not need an automatic repricer. Also, since you are reselling as collectibles, you do not need to engage in price wars. Besides, depending on how long it has been since the set retired, there are likely to be only a few pieces on the market. Should you need to adjust your prices, it is best to do so manually.


Amazon FBA is a great eCommerce platform for reselling your Lego sets. However, Amazon has strict requirements and policies for reselling to prevent fraud and counterfeiting. Ensure to adhere to these rules to avoid account suspension or termination.

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