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NEW Lego July 2022 Releases Chart Calendar Guide

NEW Lego July 2022 Releases Chart, Calendar, & Guide

Updated 6/30/2022 The long days of summer are finally here. Traditionally, the month of July is a tad bit slower for new LEGO releases. It is the dog days of summer, fun at the beach, and lots of BBQ that might pull you away. Who are we kidding, its blazing

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lego june 2022 releases

NEW Lego June 2022 Releases Chart & Guide

Updated 5/30/2022 Summer is coming up really soon now that Memorial day is here and gone. This means that all the LEGO Summer 2022 sets are starting to make their way onto the shelves. The LEGO June 2022 releases are plentiful this year, so you can expect to have many

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NEW Lego May 2022 Releases

NEW Lego May 2022 Releases Chart & Guide

Updated 4/27/2022 Can you believe another month has come and gone? It means that more LEGO sets are making there way out into the open. The new LEGO May 2022 releases and promotions are finally here. For all the Lego Star Wars fans, you know what is approaching with some

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coolest lego minifigures

15 Coolest Lego Minifigures Ever Made

Like all LEGOs, Minifigures have a simple design that inspires endless variation and play. Since their 1979 release, they’ve turned from simple, yellow figures into sci-fi legends, movie characters, superheroes, pop culture icons, and characters from fantasy worlds. LEGO has produced over 3655 distinct Minifigures, and this article boils that

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NEW Lego April 2022 releases

NEW Lego April 2022 Releases Chart & Guide

Updated 4/5/2022 March winds bring April showers as we head further into spring time. A new month means LEGO is releasing several new sets to gaze upon and play with. This month we are seeking into the future with the Back To Future Delorean and playing around with some dinosaurs

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