Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear Review

Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear is a great buildable figure for any old or new Lego fan.

This time, the creators of the original building toy sets will offer children or AFOLs to assemble from a small number of cubes and parts very different from the actual figures of the characters of the iconic Disney cartoon Toy Story.

By the looks of this 114-piece Lego build, you can easily guess that this is one of the iconic characters, Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear has always been one of the most iconic toys in Disney‘s Toy Story franchise, and now it is available as this adorable Lego construction toy. The instructions are straightforward and make building this toy enjoyable for any builder level.

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear Review released on February 1st, 2022. This colourful display piece set includes a small Buzz Lightyear figure and a small spaceship.

To infinity and beyond!

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Set Details
Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear
  • Set #: 40552
  • MSRP (USA): $9.99
  • Piece Count: 114
  • Minifigures: NA
  • Price Per Piece: $0.08
  • Release Date: 2/1/2022
  • Age Rating: 6+
  • Build Time: ~ 15 mins
  • Building Instructions: Click Here

Box Contents

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear has a small square box of the usual stand-alone square head suit. The box has a photo of the complete construction of the model and a Toy Story logo.

When you turn the box and look at the back, it shows how you can detach the model from their display stand. It also has the photo of Buzz Lightyear from a slightly different angle with authentic details.

You will find three parts bags, an attached instruction manual with step by step building instructions, and a distinct 6×6 black baseplate for display when you open the box.

On the first side of the box, you will see a picture of how Buzz Lightyear looks from the movie. He is also without a helmet and not Brickheadz.

Building Notes

Most of the build process is a somewhat duplicative building process if you have built a Brickheadz before.

However, The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear set has its uniqueness. For example, Buzz Lightyear consists of Easter eggs that complement classic toys.

Buzz Lightyear has four blue 1×1 circular bricks with silver 1×1 circular plates. You will insert it alternating up and down patterns, like his batteries. You can easily recognize the final form of Buzz Lightyear when building up.

The 1×4 printed tiles on Buzz’s upper body may reappear in some sci-fi series sets, which is also his usual pattern. Instead, Buzz’s wings have wedges with a red-and-white striped pattern, which will benefit a wide range of builds.

Buzz Lightyear’s completed state includes his outstretched spacesuit wings. The backpack at the back is also well restored, and its laser lights are on his arms.

LEGO Minifigures & Characters

There are no minifigures in the Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Disney. But Buzz Lightyear is the star of the show.

There are no stickers in the set (whew!!), and several printed tiles describe the specific pieces of the character.

The bricks that make up Buzz Lightyear’s wings consist of red stripes, which would also be helpful in the MOC.

Collectible Display vs Playability

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear is an iconic collectible and playable toy game.

Comparing it to Woody’s design (LEGO Brickheadz Toy Story 40553) is not quite as impressive as Buzz’s, but that is because Buzz has some unique features. That does not mean Woody does not look great.

Another thing about the BrickHeadz that you will enjoy is how they are easy to recognize and get the pieces right. There are no particularly rare or hard pieces if you are familiar with Lego characters.

This Brickheadz style buildable character makes it a good idea for kids for a fun birthday gift.  You can’t go wrong with a space ranger Buzz Lightyear and his detachable wings.

A lot of work went into shaping the Buzz’s head and the ribbons tied around it in a bow, featured in Buzz’s head, a firm with standard hinged bricks. The jet pack lacked realism because of its length, and the helmet is different from that of the main character.

More Brick For Your Buck

The LEGO 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear costs the $9.99.

LEGO 40552 BrickHeadz Disney Buzz Lightyear combat packs and polybags might experience a minor boost in value following the release since Brickheadz are more valuable than ever before.

The piece count and overall cost are in line with typical Brickheadz builds, so you can be rest assured of the value you are getting.

Potential Lego Investment Value

This Lego set seems to be an excellent investment at the current list price. It would have to sell for $28 USD to get 100% ROI if the buy cost is $9.99.

Adding it to your portfolio could make sense if it’s 100 percent. The desire for Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear is extremely popular.  The previous Toy Story Lego sets are appreciating nicely, so you could expect this one to follow the same path at retirement.

Because of the anticipation, you may get served better by purchasing a second set.

As usual, please take this with a grain of salt and do your own due diligence.

See resources here for RevSeller calculator

Final Thoughts

Buzz really does look neat once fully built and would make a good addition to your collection whether you are young or old.

The set does a great job of representing the characters they portray, and the attention to detail and the little Easter eggs in them are a nice nod to the Toy Story movies.

If Toy Story means a lot to you, you might want to stash a few of Buzz, Woody, or Bo Peep Brickheadz.

Related Questions

How Many Pieces are in Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear?

In the Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear set, there are 114 pieces included.

How Long Does It Take to Build Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear?

With the 114 pieces included in the set, the Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear build time is around 15 minutes from the beginning to the end.

How Much Is Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear?

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear retail price is $9.99.

How Big Is Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear?

The Lego 40552 BrickHeadz Buzz Lightyear figure measures about 8 cm high x 9 cm wide x 4 cm deep and will be available on

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