Lego Investing Groups to Join

Lego investing groups bring together like-minded Lego sellers and investors to share information and learn from each other. Some allow members to source and sell Lego sets, while others are strictly information-based. Most are open to the public, but you are required to request to join.

Lego Investing Groups on Facebook

Below are 5 Lego investing groups on Facebook that you can join.

  1. Lego Reselling & Investing Mastermind

This Lego investing group is run and coordinated by Bricks and Bucks. It was created in March 2020. It currently has 3,900 members and continues to grow. The group’s primary purpose is to allow members to shares tips and strategies for Lego investing.

  1. Lego Trading, Buying, and Selling USA Only

This Lego group was created in September 2014. Its purpose is for members to trade, buy, and sell Lego products. Members also discuss products and new releases. The group is quite busy, with tens of new posts every day.

  1. LEGO – Sell it, Want it, Swap it

This is a Lego trading group by Jamie Wass. It was created in November 2013 and has since gained tens of thousands of members. It is quite busy with hundreds of new posts daily. 

The group was created to help Lego fans sell, buy, and swap genuine Lego products. Posts relating to Lego by-products have to be approved by the admin. Members are encouraged to discuss pricing publicly on the posts and only message each other payment and shipping information. All product posts must state a price. 

  1. LEGO Investing

The Lego Investing group has been around since February 2013. It mainly focuses on Lego investing strategies. Members can discuss various Lego products, but they are not allowed to sell any Lego products within the group. 

  1. Advanced Lego Investing

The Advanced Lego Investing group was created in April 2015 with the goal of bringing together intermediate and advanced Lego investors. It is a small, knit community where members are encouraged to participate meaningfully. In the private group, members mainly discuss Lego investing trends with occasional discussions about Lego products. Selling is prohibited in the group.

3 Tips for Making the Most Out of Lego Investing Groups

  1. Follow the Group Rules. Every group has outlined group rules by the admins on the About section. Go through each one and adhere to them for a smooth running of the group.
  2. Participate. Ask questions, answer questions, and join in on the discussions. Add value to the group by participating as you gain value through other people’s contributions.
  3. Network with Other Lego Investors. Network within the group and reach out directly to specific individuals with whom you would like to build a professional relationship.


Facebook groups offer like-minded people the opportunity to come together. Join some Lego investing groups to network and interact with other investors. Add value to the group through relevant contributions and adhere to the group rules.

Jeremy Starke
Jeremy Starke
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