Where To Sell Lego (13 Places To Sell LEGO New or Used)

Where To Sell Lego

Selling Legos is not as simple as having LEGO to sell like most brick and mortar stores or other toy stores. You also have to know where you should sell your Lego set and what sites are worth your valuable time.

If you run a LEGO business or have large collections of Legos, knowing which online sites or places attract Lego fans could make or break your business.

As an avid LEGO collector and seller, allow me to guide you through the best places to sell Legos.

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Understanding Your LEGO | 6 Types Of Condition

Condition is everything to the buyer of your LEGO blocks and/or sets.  Knowing the condition will help you know the best places to sell LEGO as each marketplace can have different requirements. 

NOTE: Each marketplace may have different verbiage on the condition, but these are the most common types.  Make sure to check each marketplaces condition grading.

There are 5 types of conditions your LEGO can be in: 

1. NEW | Sealed in Box

Also referred to as mint condition LEGO, the set will be in the same condition. The box will not be opened and everything will still be brand new and in near-perfect condition. 

2. New | Open box

The LEGO box may be opened but the Legos, stickers, and instructions within the box in sealed bags have never been touched and is as good as commercially-sold Lego.

3. Sealed Damaged Box

The same as “NEW | Sealed in Box” but the box itself has taken some damage. The contents haven’t been touched. 

4. New | Unsealed NOT Assembled

The LEGO sets have been opened and unsealed, but have not been used or assembled.  This is what most Bricklink sellers will do to sell NEW LEGO part minifigures or part of figures.  This may include some sellers who just remove the Mini figure and sell the sets as whole.

5. Lightly Used

Your LEGO have been built or played with, but there is no cosmetic or noticeable damage to the bricks themselves, and are not in a bad condition.

6. Heavily Used

The LEGO are usable but have clearly taken some damage. Perhaps there are broken pieces or there are pieces missing from the set itself.

Being able to tell what condition your Legos are in will impact where best to sell them and what kind of profit you can make from them.

places to sell Lego

6 Best Places To Sell LEGO That Are NEW

1. eBay 

Ebay is well known for its auction & buy it now capabilities. It allows you to list your new Legos for a price and sell it for significantly more as bidders raise the price themselves. 

Since the rise of a wide variety of Lego-specific selling sites, Ebay has not been as popular for selling Lego by piece. You are more likely to find success selling mint condition Lego sets with a good photo than rare individual pieces. 

However, Ebay is a well-trusted site and a decent snapshot price guide, used for years by Lego fanatics. With the ability to list 50 items a month with no commission or extra sales charge, selling on Ebay is both affordable and easy. 

2. Amazon 

For those of you who tend to buy new LEGO sets in bulk or have an inside link that allows you to get brand new sets for super cheap, Amazon may be the best place for you to sell your LEGO.

The majority of people know about Amazon, but not everyone knows that you can set up your own business for $40 a month. 

Millions of people use Amazon every day so there will always be a market for brand new Legos. Better yet, if you are able to sell your new LEGO cheaper than the typical retail price, you will find that your stock will sell quickly. 

Though because Amazon is such a major platform, it is not the best place to sell Lego that is more specialized such as rare Lego bricks.

3. Bricklink

If you have ever spoken to an adult fan of LEGO (AFOL), you would probably have heard of Bricklink. It is by far the most popular Lego-centric item buy-and-sell site for selling Lego pieces.

There are over 850,000 members registered to the site across 186 countries. That’s a humongous bustling community of Lego fans and potential customers.

When using Bricklink, you have the choice to either sell your LEGO items as a set (complete or otherwise) or part out your set and sell your LEGO as individual bricks.

If you are new to selling Legos, Bricklink can seem pretty intimidating. But the site provides plenty of guides and tools to help you sell your Legos.

For example, if you have a brand new LEGO set, you could use the Bricklink part out guide to see if the set would have more value as a mint condition set or as individual new bricks.

Bricklink does take a commission from your ‘store’ on a monthly basis, but they are very reasonable. If you have sold up to $500 worth of Legos in one month, then the site will take a 3% commission on your total sales.

4. Brick Owl

Brick Owl is very much like Bricklink in that you are able to sell your Legos by sets or individual pieces depending on how much effort you want to put into your listing.

However, Brick Owl is newer than Bricklink. It hasn’t reached the same level of popularity amongst Lego fans, despite it only operating on a 2.5% commission no matter how much you sell each month.

5. StockX

StockX is a niche marketplace that focuses on certain categories to buy or sell in.  It focuses much like stock trading with buy/bids and sell/ask prices without the hassle of creating a listing. They are more focused on collectibles, sneakers, apparel, & others highly sought after items.

The biggest value add that it does is that it authenticates each item from the seller before it is sent to the buyer.  Every item sold goes through their multi-step verification process with their team of expert authenticators. 

The fees are based on the number of sales you have made and they also have a separate payment processing fee.  This might be worth selling some more rare Legos.

6. The Plastic Brick

The first thing to note about The Plastic Brick is that they are more focused on older Lego sets. Though they will accept newer unopened Lego sets too.

In this case, new Legos are viewed as anything that is unopened, whether it be an unopened box or poly bag.

As The Plastic Brick has their own Lego for sale, they will only offer what is the typical retail value of your set. This could mean that if you have a rarer or vintage set, you could be missing out on making more money.

Though if you have brand new Lego sets to sell and don’t have the time to create a detailed listing on other selling sites, then The Plastic Brick is a quick and easy way to make a fair amount of money from your unused sets.  

sell used LEGO

Where To Sell LEGO That Are USED (7 Marketplaces)

7-9. Yard Sales/Craigslist/Offerup

Even in the modern digital age, Lego fans are constantly on the lookout for the best Lego deals possible within their own area. 

Those who are dedicated to the hobby will often spend their time scouring local yard sales, a garage sale, Craigslist, or Offerup for LEGO sets or bundles of Lego that people no longer want.

That being said, most people will come to yard sales or Craigslist expecting to pay cheap prices on used Legos. The chances of coming across a Lego buyer who brought the big bucks with them to your yard sale is very unlikely. 

It is best to only sell old Lego bricks at yard sales, Craigslist, or Offerup and save selling your new Lego sets for places where you can make more money. 

Bonus Tip: These places and some thrift stores are also good places to find under valued LEGO to buy.

10. eBay

This one is worth mentioning again.

Ebay is essentially a digital yard sale, but because eBay has been around for 27 years, it was one of the original places where Lego fans were able to buy and sell their used Legos to gather the pieces they needed for their own creations.

Even today, it is still one of the most reputable auction site and online marketplace that tons of Lego users source on.

As such, you are far more likely to come across a Lego buyer willing to pay a large sum of money for Lego on Ebay than at a yard sale. 

Ebay’s auction option allows buyers to compete for your used Lego collection. So long as you do not wrongly advertise your old, unwanted bundle of Legos then you may be able to make more money from it.

11. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook may not be the most popular social media platform anymore, but the Selling Lego on Facebook Marketplace is still a very active digital yard sale.  This is different than Facebook groups (which can also be another good source to sell to)

Unlike most sale sites for LEGO, Facebook is a direct sale to customer site, so you will not have to pay any seller fees for selling Lego sets unless you ship it. 

The site is much more relaxed compared to other selling sites as there is no expectation for you to be a professional seller. There is less pressure to spend hours making the perfect listing. 

12. Mercari

This a direct sales marketplace is really growing for its simplicity and ease of transactions & shipping.  You can also sell NEW sets on here, but don’t expect to get the most for your sets unless there is a low supply with a high demand.

The site does get a huge amount of traffic, so you may find your items sell quickly for a fair price with reasonable shipping costs. 

Just don’t be surprised if you can only sell LEGO below market value there.

13. Decluttr

Decluttr is a direct sales site where you can trade in your goods for money. 

They offer cash for a range of items, but they are one of the few sites of its kind that accepts Legos in the same way that it would an old phone. 

Decluttr site is very clear about the kind of condition they will accept used LEGO. Once your Legos have been picked up free of charge by one of their provided couriers, Decluttr will conduct a quality assessment.

If you have damaged bricks or fake Legos, the amount of money you receive will decrease. 

Final Thoughts 

Lego-based sale sites are going to be the best place to sell your newer, better-conditioned Legos as they will have a Lego community who will know the bricks’ worth. 

But for those times when you have used Legos you just want out of your house, yard sales or yard sale-like sites are an efficient way to sell your unwanted used Legos – and still make some money.

Jeremy Starke
Jeremy Starke
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