Christmas Lego Sets That Make Great Investments

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Christmas, it’s such a wonderful time. Making your favorite hot drink, putting on a cozy film and having festive fun. If there’s one company that knows about having plenty of fun, it’s LEGO. It is a timely way to spend your Christmas Eve building Lego.

Whether you’re a toy making machine, LEGO collector, or simply want to give your child a magical gift this year, let us delve into the world of Christmas LEGO sets. 

Best Lego Sets To Buy This Christmas 

With LEGO pumping out yearly festive sets since 2009, there are so many to choose from. Here are the top Christmas sets LEGO sets that really scream Christmas. 

We start with the Christmas past to see what you mistakes you made by not grabbing this set earlier.

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Released in 2014, Santa’s Workshop included the first LEGO Winter Village rendition of Saint Nick. The set also included other lovable Christmas figureheads such as Mrs Clause, 4 elves, and 5 adorable reindeer. 

Originally this Lego models set retailed for $69.95 and now fetches around $400 which is close to 400% ROI.

Comprising of 883 pieces overall, the 12 years + is justifiable by the intricate details of the set. A stained glass window, clock tower and a gorgeous sleigh with gold trimmings to make it the perfect display piece to line your fireplace once the festive season comes around. 

If you were hoping to buy the Santa’s Workshop set for a loved one this Christmas then you may need to rethink that your plans. The set was retired in November 2016 after 26 months on the shelf so you would have to pay a pretty penny to buy it today. 

That being said, if you are an avid LEGO collector, Lego investor and lover of Lego bricks then this is a must-have staple piece for your Lego Winter Village collection. 

LEGO‘s take on the iconic soldier from the traditional Nutcracker could be the miniature Lego bricks star of the show this Christmas.

You will often find a Brickheadz set listed in LEGO collectors articles simply because of how cheap and popular they are upon initial release. When LEGO released a Nutcracker set into the Lego Christmas sets series, the response was very much the same. 

At only 180 pieces, the building aspect of the set is particularly easy, but there are plenty of details that those pieces provide. For example, the mouth can be opened and closed as is the tradition of nutcrackers. 

It is one of the Lego Christmas sets deviates from the traditional black Brickheadz base. Instead, there are wings that extend out from the normal base to accommodate a tiny Christmas tree and presents.

An excellent display piece, the Brickheadz Nutcracker set could easily bring some fun, festive cheer into your home ready for the Christmas season. Especially so when combined with any other Christmas themed Brickheadz you may have in your collection. 

It wasn’t until 2016, 7 years after the first Winter Village LEGO set was released, that LEGO finally answered fan calls for an interactive Christmas set. After all, what is a village without its very own holiday train?

LEGO designers really pulled out all the stops to make the Winter Holiday Train a great gift for children. 

Two whole carriages complete 16 curved train tracks let children manually drive around 5 mini figures until their heart’s content. The train even includes a spinning Christmas tree that spins around as the train moves!

The sets were brought up in a flash and left many LEGO fans disappointed during the 2016 holidays. Perhaps that was why LEGO ran a much longer release time on the Winter Holiday Train than most of the other Winter Village sets, retiring it in 2019. 

If you ever want to add the Winter Holiday Train set to your collection then I suggest you invest in one sooner rather than later as they only continue to increase in value. 

Of course, what use is a train in a village without a station to stop at? LEGO made sure to fix this great injustice to the mini figures of Winter Village by releasing their LEGO Winter Village Train Station in 2017

It seems that LEGO knew exactly what they were doing by releasing a follow-up set to their Holiday Train as fans flocked to buy the set, especially adult LEGO fans who wanted to add to their Winter village cottage displays. 

The main feature of the set was the 4 straight train track pieces that seamlessly linked up the Winter Holiday Train tracks. 

Although it may not be the largest set featured here, it is still packed full of festive decor. From holiday wreaths to the snow topped train station, there is no mistaking that this set belongs in your Winter Village display. 

Much like most of the other festive LEGO sets, the LEGO Winter Village Station was retired after only 13 months but still remains popular via online markets. 

Okay, so I know that all of the sets I have listed are all display-worthy but the 2019 LEGO Gingerbread House really takes the biscuit. 

To celebrate 10 years of the Winter Village collection, LEGO put together a 1,477 piece masterpiece full of intricate details and fantastical features. This is definitely a set that will require some quality family time to complete.  It even has a light brick to help make it more festive.

The set takes its smaller predecessor (the 2015 Gingerbread House 40139) and creates a whole new outstanding holiday-themed LEGO set. 

This is only the second LEGO Winter Village set that has not been based in a ‘realistic’ world, the first being Santa’s Workshop. As such, the design incorporates candy canes and frosting into its build as well as an array of accessories for the included gingerbread family. 

In addition, this Lego Christmas sets also makes use of the gold ingot brick in tan and a few transparent 1×1 purple glitter bricks. LEGO fanatics out there may be interested to know that these particular bricks were only included in sets from 2019 onward, making the LEGO Gingerbread House even more valuable.

All of the sets we have mentioned so far are either in their last few month of shelf life or are retired completely. But don’t let that sway you from purchasing a Christmas LEGO set this year. 

Everything about this set screams holiday cheer and will make a fantastic gift for a school-age child aged 8 or up. 

Floating on a ice base, the penguin itself stands at 12 cm tall and is accompanied by a mini Christmas tree and 3 colorfully wrapped presents. The best part though? The penguin moves! Flappable wings and a rotating base just adds to the LEGO magic of this set. 

The Christmas Penguin is part of a 4 part seasonal set series that LEGO released throughout 2021 and is an absolute must have for any collector.

If the limited run of other Christmas sets is anything to go by then it can be assumed LEGO‘s Christmas Penguin will be retired with in the next few years and that value will sky rocket. So snatch yours while you can. 

LEGO Advent Calendars 2021

There is no way that we can talk about LEGO Christmas sets without mentioning their popular advent calendars! 

Every year since 1998, LEGO has made something that every child dreams of possible: getting a new LEGO set to build every day. Well, at least the 25 days leading up to Christmas. 

This year there are 3 big-name advent calendars that LEGO have announced: Harry Potter, Marvel, and Star Wars. While we don’t know what will be in these sets (that’s the magic of it, of course) we can guess what type of surprises to expect from this year’s sets. 

The 2020 Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar gave fans 335 pieces as well as 6 mini figures with similar numbers for their LEGO City calendar. 

While the mini sets that the advent calendars provide may not be as glamorous as the other Christmas sets on this list, they are certainly a perfect investment for LEGO traders.

Both the branded collaborations and annual exclusivity makes them a sought after item years after they are retired

ImageLego SetSet NumberWhere To Find
2021 Harry Potter
LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390)
LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76390)
Check on AmazonCheck on
2021 Marvel
LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar (76196)
LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar (76196)


Check on AmazonCheck on
2021 Friends
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41690)
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41690)
Check on AmazonCheck on
2021 City
LEGO City Advent Calendar (60303)
LEGO City Advent Calendar (60303)
Check on AmazonCheck on

LEGO Christmas Ornaments 

No Holiday tree is complete without some fun, quirky decorations and no company does fun like LEGO

Following their first release in 2009, LEGO have since designed an array of adorable Christmas tree ornaments. From LEGO Santas to a LEGO Snowman, there are a whole range of characters available to collect. 

Still, many of the ornaments have been retired such as the Snowman Ornament which was taken off of shelves in 2019. There are many ornaments floating around but you will most likely have to search for them online to get the exact set that you want. 

ImageLego SetSet NumberWhere To Find
LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament
Check On Amazon
LEGO Snowman & Reindeer Duo Ornaments LEGO Snowman & Reindeer Duo Ornaments
Check On Amazon
LEGO Christmas Ornament Santa LEGO Christmas Ornament Santa
Check On Amazon
LEGO Christmas Santa Ornament LEGO Christmas Santa Ornament
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Holiday Ornament with Red Bricks Holiday Ornament with Red Bricks
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LEGO Penguin Holiday Ornament LEGO Penguin Holiday Ornament
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LEGO Ornament Snowman LEGO Ornament Snowman


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Final Thoughts

After years of the beloved brick toy making their way into our homes, it would feel wrong to not have LEGO play a part in our Christmas. 

Unfortunately, most of these sets are no longer available at a decent, affordable price. That being said, every Christmas sees these sets in high demand, so if you are an avid LEGO trader yourself the you will want to try and grab these sets through the year. 

If you are simply looking for a set to gift your child this Christmas then keep an eye out for LEGO‘s seasonal sets each and every year. That way you can still experience the magic without ruining your wallet!

Acacia Crossley
Acacia Crossley
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