8 Ways On How To Get Free Lego

how to get free legos

People who live for, create, collect, and think of LEGO all day long are going to acquire a major investment over time especially adults who have been building with expensive bricks for quite some time.

Running across a hidden treasure trove of how to grab some freebies or free Lego sets is going to be an extremely valuable and vital resource. 

As your brick sets accumulate, some builds are going to call for specific pieces that are sometimes hard to find and pricey.

While other costly pieces may have disappeared or become destroyed in the hands of a toddler or the mouth of a pet or vacuum hose.

When fake-branded LEGO products just won’t do, it’s time to discover some insider secrets as to how to get free LEGO.

How to Get Your Free LEGOs

People enjoy things that are free especially if there is a huge return either in the form of investing in a child’s learning experience through brick designs, establishing a personal collection of building sets, or flipping a freebie for a profit.

Considering a special Spider-Man mini figure once sold on eBay for more than $12,000, and a Friends LEGO set, that may have even been obtained for free through a special offer, sold for $9,000, it’s clear that these small building bricks can be an excellent investment for adults.

Ask any reseller of LEGO, and they will tell you that it is a worthwhile investment for sure, and every dollar saved means that many more LEGO you’ll be able to acquire down the road.

Building a LEGO collection or acquiring enough LEGO bricks for your child to build with and maybe even become a master builder can be expensive unless you know your way around the freebies and sales offerings.

Whether you are a parent who would prefer investing their savings toward their child’s college education than building toys, a collector with more bricks than you’re probably willing to admit to having accumulated over the years, or an investor looking to turn a huge profit.

Any savings you can discover on these plastic bricks which often seems more like they are made of solid gold, is going to be a huge boost to your pocketbook. If you listen, you may even hear your bank account breathing a huge sigh of relief.

So, are you ready for some insider secrets and great tips as to how to get your free LEGOs?

get a free lego

Let’s start by revealing the scoop on a hidden treasure trove of savings. It’s called GWP.

After that, you’ll discover 8 ways to get Lego freebies of your own.

What is LEGO GWP?

Most LEGO enthusiasts already know, but the term GWP stands for Gift With Purchase. But, a good deal of may not know how to use this to the utmost advantage for getting free LEGO.

The best part of this free Lego set is that you can keep or hold to cash in later on the secondary market. This free gift can help to increase your profit margin and ROI if you use the value from this.

Get the most out of your LEGO investment by tapping into the times when GWP is offered to help offset paying full price for other purchases on the LEGO website.

How Does GWP Work?

Usually, there is a minimum purchase requirement amount to spend in order to receive the featured GWP or free stuff.

For instance, a qualifying Lego purchase of $40 is required to get an Epic LEGO R2-D2 Droid Set free.  The offers are only available for a limited time or just VIP members only gifts.

So, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis to get these free Lego samples. 

How Do You Find Out About The GWP Offers.

Look for their monthly sales calendar that lists what GWP will be offered on which days of the month. Find these calendars online by searching for your nearest LEGO Company store.

Stay up to date with GWP offers by following the VIP newsletters, or follow the official LEGO page or accounts on social media.

Don’t Wait! The Early Bird Gets The Bricks

Be aware that when a popular GWP goes live, they can sometimes sell out quickly. If you are not online at midnight to place your order within the first few hours, you will probably miss out on this early access to get free Lego.

8 Ways To Get Free LEGOs

It’s time to get started tapping into reaping the benefits of these free popular building bricks for your own creative use.

Here are 8 ways to get free LEGOs that are going to save you a ton of money. 

1.| Go To A Local LEGO Store

Some of the best deals and freebies actually start by going directly to the source. Head to a local store or online at LEGO.com to see where the nearest location is, and check it out directly from the company.

You will be surprised at the savings and free offers you find directly in store.

Some stores host a free, monthly mini-build event, like a minifigure swap Monday or free giveaways for kids. At a swap, you can bring in minifigures and trade with others.

Most stores have a free monthly mini build event.

Register to attend, come in and build, and leave with a free building brick. As with other promotions, be sure to sign up and arrive early so you don’t miss out.

2. | Join The LEGO VIP Program

It may sound expensive and like there is a catch, but even an expensive building toy store really does offer a VIP opportunity that is actually free to join so long as you are 18 years or older. This is a huge perk that doesn’t make sense not to be a part of, since there is no pressure and no obligation to pay to join.

And, there is no yearly cost of membership dues or other hidden fees and you get some Lego news about these deals.

How Does LEGO VIP Work?

The VIP program works like a frequent buyer program where you earn points for every purchase. Trade in the points for merchandise and enjoy members only gifts.

As a VIP, you can also get insider news on their sales as well as special shopping days at a nearby store and free samples from time to time at a special event.

How Do I Become a VIP?

To join go online to LEGO.com. Look up toward the top left of the page, and click on the VIP section. From here, just follow the online instruction queues.

Fill out the free online registration information, and you’re ready to go. If you prefer, you can join the next time you’re shopping on their site, and go through checkout by selecting the VIP program.

Or, go directly to a nearby store to sign up to start receiving exclusive brick details.

Free Perks

Enjoy all the free perks that the VIP membership offers. Be sure to also sign up for the VIP newsletters and special deals so you will be sure to receive notification of brand-new product launches which will give you even more chances to save on special VIP gifts.

Show up at the special VIP only shopping days or other cool events at your nearest LEGO store. The stores will offer special shopping hours for VIP members and give out prizes and free gifts to VIPs who show up to shop early for limited supply offers on a first-come, first-served basis.

3.| Enter LEGO Contests

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “well what are the odds that I will even win a contest if I go to the trouble of entering?” Well, there is no guarantee of winning, but it’s mighty fun to try even if freebies aren’t part of the deal.

Though, it is going to require a bit of building skills.

From time to time, the toy brick company hosts building contests. And, guess what the prizes are? That’s right! They are not just some little minifigure key chain.

The prizes that the building toy maker offers are extensive and expensive LEGO sets of bricks with a high retail sales price.

do you want free legos

Set Up Google Alerts For Contests

All you have to do to get notified is set up a Google Alert for such contests. To set up a Google alert, just log onto Google.com/alerts and type “LEGO contests” into the query.

Make sure you add your email and select how often you want to be notified of any contests that pop up in the Google algorithm to alert you.

When you find out about a LEGO contest, be sure to read all the contest requirements and follow them closely. Also make sure that you know up front what the prize will be if you win.

Each contest has its own limitations such as applicant’s age.

Best Time To Look For Contests

A lot of LEGO contests pop up around the holidays.  It seems to be a popular time for everyone to do contest and giveaways.

Maximize Your Chance To Win

  • When you enter be sure that you get creative as possible. Let your imagination run wild as long as it stays within the contest theme.
  • Maximize your chance of winning by following the rules and getting as creative as you can. If the contest allows more than one entry, feel free to enter more than once. If so, build several designs.
  • Finally, make sure you get a good high-res picture and include all the requested information to submit your contest entry.
  • After the contest, check your email while you wait to hear if you are a winner and receive your prize.

4.| Trick or Treat For LEGOs

Well, it’s sort of like trick or treating for LEGOs anyway. Local LEGO stores are known to give away freebies on Halloween. Just dress up in your favorite costume. Hint: It doesn’t hurt if your favorite costume is a creative rendition of your favorite LEGO character.

Go to your nearest LEGO store. They will give you free bricks for every costumed shopper.

Other stores besides LEGO also offers specials around Halloween. Stores like Target sometimes offers LEGO giveaways during Halloween.

5.| Online Cashback

The online cashback portals are free to join.  You can even trade in your cashback points/cash for gift cards at many retailers for extra money to used to purchase free Legos.

Even shopping on LEGO.com directly through many of these online cashback portals can get 1% -5% cashback on every purchase.

You can put these savings toward more PayPal Cash, Amazon Cash, or Walmart gift card, and use the free cash to lower the prices and get free Legos.

Here are the 4 we love to use:

My suggestion is to use them all and as they all run different specials at time.  You can use a cashback monitor site to track which one is best.

6.| Tap Into The Reddit Community

It may be a surprising spot to get free LEGOs, but there are groups on Reddit where people gather online to stay in the know about where to find deals and freebies for the popular building bricks.

Check the subreddits to see new deals that you might have otherwise missed out on. A couple of great subreddits to check out for LEGO deals and freebies include:

  • r/legodeal
  • r/legodeals

7.| Replace Missing Parts

LEGO replaces damaged, missing or broken parts that people find are not in their set. All you have to do is request a replacement piece, and it will be shipped free.

The hardest part of getting the missing part free is finding the original box or instruction manual. Locate the set number, or look it up online at www.lego.com/en-us/products.

Click on the Missing Parts link at the bottom of the page and fill out the requested information and checkout.

The piece should arrive in a couple of weeks.

8.| Look On Local Sales Sites

It may seem unlikely that someone would simply give their LEGO away, but it never hurts to ask. Don’t assume that people are going to say no.  Maybe you might even find a good resource for bulk bricks.

Local Marketplace

Find local sales platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, and post a request for donations in a LEGO user group.

Moving Sales

Who knows what will happen. Maybe someone is moving and wants to get rid of everything including bags of LEGOs.

Or, look for posts from those hosting garage sales. After the sale ends, many people put boxes of unsold items out for the taking.


Sometimes, on sites like Freecycle, you may even find someone wanting to donate their sets after a child is done with them.

Final Thoughts

Why not use your master building creativity to find creative ways to get free LEGOs. As you can see, there are numerous ways to snag some free LEGOs to add to your collection to display, to add to your kid’s brilliant creative playtime, or for a lucrative investment.

People who know these insider tips to find freebies are quite satisfied.

Play well while saving a ton of money!

Related Questions

How can I get LEGOs for cheap?

You can find Lego clearance deals throughout the year.  A great site to help you spot deals is slickdeals.net.  Head over there and set an alert for Lego.

Do you have to pay for missing Lego pieces?

You can actually contact Lego.com if you get a new set and it is missing a piece or an instruction booklet.  You can call Lego up and they will send out the replacement part.

Are Legos cheaper at Legoland?

Some sets you may find on sale there, but it will vary.  Most of the time the sets are closer to retail rpice like in the Lego Store.  However, the best thing about Legoland is they have some exclusive Lego sets that you can’t find anywhere else.

how to get free legos
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